Monday, October 27, 2008


there are a lot of hours i spend here at work reading blogs...and lots of those blogs are mommy blogs. (i know right? rough job having to sit at a computer reading, no, trust me i understand the luxury of my job and count my blessings everyday that i get to do this all day long everyday with a fabulous group of awesome and talented pr girls...)

at any rate, i read lots of stories about kids...and i'll admit sometimes i feel weird, like i am a stalker or something, reading all about these peoples lives - and i have never met them before in my life...but i love it nonetheless and mostly cause i think kids are hilarious and awesome...and someday i am going to have a few and blog about them and who knows maybe my blog will be so successful by then i will have rich advertisers on my site who want to pay enough dollars so i can be a stay-at-home mom...and play and do fun stuff all day...but until then i will read about other moms that do that and get my child fix from one of my three jobs - babysitting.

so i have this family that i have babysat for, hmm...well since meggie was 2...and now she is 6! a whole 6 years old! so four years...and actually they have 4 kids...but mostly as the boys get a little older its usually just joseph (the youngest brother) and meggie and i...this was my saturday evening this past weekend...josh (the oldest) was gone for the weekend, and jonathan (the second oldest) was at a friends joseph, meggie and i were left to play...our evening activities consisted of making dinner, making halloween cupcakes, making popcorn (yes LOTS and LOTS of making stuff...which means lots of cleaning for me...) and then we spent about 2 hours watching season 6 of full house...meggie currently has 3 seasons and is nothing shy of obsessed...but that's fine with me because i was one of the original full house fans and probably could watch that shit for hours...and trust me, DEFINITELY would rather watch full house than sydney white for the ninth time or the new barbie move - i don't even know the name (i feel like she is getting a new barbie movie every other month) but the one that is about the diamond castle with the old witch barbie lady trying to collect all the magical musical instruments? yeah i've seen that two times already in the past month...

anyway full house was better and actually the three of us ended up having a pretty good time! but a night of babysitting wouldn't be complete without of one of joseph's fabulous experiments...lets the past i have seen a sponge bob dvd melted and burnt in the microwave (thank you myth buster for showing a marathon the night i was asked to come sit), a scene that consisted of me walking into the kitchen to find a shirtless boy wearing nothing but pj bottoms 2 oven mits and holding a wooden meat pounder looking at a AA battery bent with battery powder laying around it on the counter, and a blown up sprite can completely deformed from being shook up and put into a bathroom sink full of boiling hot water...yes my little joseph is quite the experimentalist...

i think i was out of the room...for about, well...maybe 17 seconds total? i went pee, came back and found this scene in the living room.

saturday's adventures consisted of sticking 23 straws together dragging it up the stairs to the second floor dropping it through the banister and having his little sister hold a cup of water on the main floor so he could hydrate upstairs without having to go all the way to the bathroom to get a sip of water...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a day of reminiscing

so it is brittney and i in the office today...and a decision was made a few minutes was decided because of this situation:

i was in the bathroom a second ago a girl over at staccato was in there to...i was putting my hair in pig tails because my hair was nasty and bugging me (today is scrub day cause i am tired and went to america's best dance crew last night so that means i have to wear the tshirt to the office today...and pig tails go with tshirts i guess) anyway i hear "ooh that's fun!" and i was thinking what these sick pigtails? until i saw that she wasn't looking at me she was looking at the wall...and not so much the wall but the piece of paper hanging on the was a sign for the annual r/west halloween dress up and pumpkin carving contest...i came back into the office and told brittney about it...we had been discussing the other day about halloween and dressing up and going out and she is all worried cause she can't think of an amazing outfit...anyway i told her we needed to start brainstorming her costume because she would be participating in this...and as i tried to explain to her about last years adventures, burger king, sarah's finger pumpkin, etc...i thought it would just be easier to read her my blog about i got on here, went and dug through the archives...and nothing! i can't seem to find it...and i swear i wrote about it...or maybe i meant to but forgot?? anyway that was annoying but the good news was i got to read about all the random adventures of those first few months of my job...its so funny reading about what i used to do and then knowing what i do now...and then for a second i got sad...cause guess what (not that you don't already know...cause im sure if anyone still reads this they do...)

but i don't even blog about my job anymore! and that is lame. because my job is awesome. and also there are times like last friday when i had two beers and a shot of crown royal at my office that just need to be written about for memory sake...

so that is going to be one of my new stay current on the blogging side of work, personal and randomness...cause blogs are awesome and being dumb and not staying current is not here's to awesomeness and my vow to be better at blogging (which i am pretty sure i have made several of in the last few months...and broken all of them...)

ps - in other news...i tried a synergy drink for the first time looks like this in case you don't know about them

now i don't think the one i am drinking is this flavor...mine is cosmic cranberry...but i'm drinking it, cause well...i thought it was cranberry juice...and it is DEFINITELY not cranberry is definitely pink easter egg dye...the kind that is solid vinegar but has been mixed with some club soda, yeast and something else that make my face cringe up like a little kid when you feed them nasty skank food...this stuff is suppose to be good for you but i'm pretty sure something this nasty isn't good for tastes about as good as sipping on warm tequila from the bottom shelf of the bar...only when you are half way through the bottle you're not drunk which means you can still taste the nastyness till the very end.