Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the difference a week can make...

last tuesday=death.

today's tuesday=dream.

so same day of the week only this tuesday my work day has been awesome and amazing. today is officially an awesome day! (actually its been a good week so far...hopefully it will stay great! there is no reason it shouldn't so im pretty sure it will...) i got a full and awesome nights sleep last night (none of that 4am rise and shine greatness that was experienced last week) i got to work did a couple small tasks until heather asked...
h-"what are your plans today?"
h-"well how would you feel if we went on a mission?"
k-"i think i love missions..."
h-"well its a secret one, cause i don't want to hear about it from sean...but i think it should be a personal day...how about i treat us to manis/pedis?"
k-"um YEAH! ok! i love that...secret missions are my favorite!"

so heather and i left the office at 11:15 went and got manis/pedis from my new favorite nail place, because it was awesome and they gave awesome messages and i don't know it's name other wise i would share but im going back so when i do i will write about it's name. it was great.

then we went to lunch...also great, and a cute little deli/bistro place right near the office! we sat outside in the 70 degree weather (that has amazingly brightened portland this week)

today = awesome.

and i have cute toes. every tuesday should be secret mission day.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

one of my best days ever, part 2.

i'm hella tired! i didn't realize how tired until my mind's near brush with death.

i know that getting up at 4 am means that my brain is sleeping...it will not be firing normal today, and i will not be on the "a-game" team.

and this was proved to me about a half hour ago when this happened:
it began when i got back to the office this morning at 9:30. there was no parking in our spaces so i parked in one of staccatos (the company we share our floor with) then about a half hour ago i got an email that said a towing company was coming. so crap-balls-crap i had to haul my lazy tired ass into the downpour to move my car...i moved it two blocks away in a one hour spot...and though this wasn't really that huge of an issue it felt like one because today is one of those days where i'm just tired, and grumpy and everything is 14 times worse than it should be...
when i came back in from moving my car i had two new emails...the first one from sarah and the subject line read
"emergency plan"
i opened the email and read
"The entire country is under a terrorist attack. Many buildings have been shut down in downtown Portland as part of this exercise. R/West is currently working on its official emergency plan but in the event of a bomb blowing up one of the bridges you should NOT leave the building or you could face radioactive contamination. We would seal the building by preventing anyone from going in and out and shut off the air. We would wait further direction from the city in this type of event. In the event of an earthquake you would need to get under your desk or a doorway and stay there until tremors subside. Do not leave the building as we need to account for you and make sure you are not under a heap of rubble. "

ok so i almost shit pants and thought.
4. i'm going to read john's followup email...

i went to my second email from john the subject read
"RE: emergency plan"
the email read,
"I'll go to the roof and have a smoke.... and inhale deeeeeeeply. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Plutonium. It's not just for breakfast anymore."

and then i was like.
1. huh? this isn't funny john...i know you were up at 4 also today, but what? are you kidding? that's not funny! what about your son?
2. is this for reals?
3. i'm going back to re-read that email...

and then i saw the word that my tired ass brain didn't comprehend...
"The entire country is under a SIMULATED terrorist attack."

and i thought

obviously, i'm tired...and obviously its a good thing im done in a half hour.

one of my best days ever, part 1.

it is 10:39 currently...in the morning...though my body is feeling more like it is night time...mixed with being hit by a bus..this morning bridgeport brewery was on tv...not just any tv...but good day oregon, on fox. the whole segment...the whole segment that starts at 5:30 a.m. BOMB!!!! word bitches and hoes...that's right! i was kickin it with the kegs at 5:30 this morning. so because i have been up since 4 i am therefore tired.

but here are some things i needed to write about. first, there are ALOT of cars on the road at five am, who knew? and what are people doing out that early anyway!? seriously.. i had to convince myself i wasn't on my way to europe, or mexico, or some other trip because i think the only time i am ever up that early is if i have to catch a plane to some place far...so i kept feeling like i was going to the airport. second, i have developed a new love and passion for coffee...i never used to drink coffee but since i started working, i started drinking it, and now i love it because without it i would have not been in a good way AT ALL! trust me i am having issues enough staying on top of (i will blog about the experience proving my tiredness in a minute), and im already on my second latte. third, this machine
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used for measuring oxygen in beer bottles costs $11,000. and i learned that during the segment we did in the test lab.

mostly it was a good experience, because i got to share in some serious bonding over the sunrise with heather, john, and some awesome bridgeport employees.

also i get off in 45 minutes. and that's the best news all day (except i go to the crotch doctor and that means this day definitely qualifies as one of my best days ever.)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

why i talk shit...and am ok with it...

i am a nice girl...ok, well not all the time...but generally. generally i am a nice girl. i spend time with my family, i value and respect good friendships, i work hard at my job, i always show up when i say i will be somewhere (or give ample warning if i can not make it).

there is one small thing however that i have a habit of doing...that isn't always what i would justify as nice...sometimes, well actually lots of times...(if we are going to be honest we might as well go full out about it)...i say mean things about people who are nasty. i make fun of ugly hair, i make fun of bad outfits, i even sometimes make fun of peoples faces (that is the meanest of them all, i know!) but before you go judging me...take into consideration the types of people that walk down the street.

prime example:
jill and i were driving down nw 23rd and saw this...
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YEAH i know right!? wtf? halloween is not today...halloween is in like 3 more weeks...and so that means your super hero suit is not ok. it is not cute, it will never be cute, and so don't wear it shopping on 23rd.

i just don't understand 12 foot mow hawks, 47 face piercings, 12inch black platform pattin leather stiletto hooker boots (yup i saw those on a girl looking at the clearance rack out side of red light on hawthorn), wearing the same shirt but in a different color as your 31 year old indian (like from india kind...not eastern oregon dessert casino kind) twin sister (saw this too...in f21 it was a bejeweled under the bust line halter top with a tie in the back...one was barf enough...but matching was sick)...so don't judge me for judging...green shiny tights with pink plastic super woman boots are allowed to be made fun of.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

the first annual pr challenge

it's wednesday...so what better way to celebrate mid week than for heather and i to host the first annual pr challenge...

the competition?...to eat 2 pieces of franz bread in 2 minutes...think it sounds easy? (yeah me too...totally not even a big deal...in fact i probably could eat them both in 1 minute)...

the winner was going to be a given a fancy gift package including a 22oz bottle of bridgeports hop harvest, a case of kraft bbq sauce, an alien nintendo ds game, 2 dollars, a roll of stamps, a container of peanut butter, a container of jelly, a loaf of bread, and a franz bakery hat. all very nice prices...so motivation was high.
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at 3:02 pm this afternoon the staff of r/west gathered in the conference room for the competition...
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and for the record...it's impossible...out of 8 competitors, nobody finished...and note, r/west is competitive...we don't even mess around over here at 3rd and hawthorn...we take competition VERY seriously...so try it if you don't believe me. but trust me...it's impossible.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


did people forget that i live in portland? not la, not new york, not las vegas strip....portland...it shouldn't take me an hour and fifteen minutes to get to work from clackamas on the back road...freeway in morning traffic, ok yeah i get it...everyone is going downtown so sometimes it's crap (well mostly its crap) so i always come a back way...224 to 99 and drops me right onto mlk in front of my work...normally 25 minutes...today one hour and fifteen minutes...

road rage is an understatement...i was ready to slit tires, shoot faces, and crash into people by slamming my foot onto the gas as hard as i could because that always seems like it would be a relief when that anxiety starts to build and yelling fucking bitch whores a million times won't even cut it...that was the anger of death in me this morning...

needless to say it was one of those mornings...the kind that start annoying and then everything else just keeps getting thrown at you and you're like what the hell! seriously!? (most of the time things aren't that bad they tend to seem 10x worse than they really are) but in the moment they are bad so whatever...i need to have a time out...anger management or something...