Monday, March 31, 2008


laughing is one of my favorite best things...this weekend i did lots of quality laughing. the kind of laughing where your tummy hurts and tears are squeezed from your eyes...where you fall over yourself onto the ground and just laugh uncontrollably.

thanks to the mac invention called photobooth danielle and i decided to play photoshoot almost all weekend...her house, my house, early morning, afternoon, night...pretty much all random times...and though we discuss all the time how we are basically know you have officially crossed the line from friend to family when you can look like this and they still love you anyway.

probably people that read my blog wont enjoy this as much as i do just going back over and over to look at these pictures. but that's fine cause mostly this is my journal and i can just write about whatever i like. anyway if you have never hung out with danielle and i call us and plan a time cause we are a pretty much solid kind of the best. cause all we do is laugh and play and talk and i kind of just love us.

Friday, March 28, 2008

how i like to spend my relaxing thursday nights...

see that dude? that random guy in the middle of all of those cars that all look the same? that was me last night.

thursday nights used to be spent doing the typical up college student thursday night activity...thirsty thursdays right? the ever so wild partier in me would usually be coerced into going to hang out at the totally fancy fabulous twilight room off of lombard in north portland...these days my thursday nights have managed to be one of the few nights a week i have to myself, to relax, hang basically do whatever i want...and i have kind of learned to love my thursday nights.

this week was no different. this weeks thursday activities were going to be consumed by tanning, going to washington square...mingling around, testing teas at teavana, testing perfumes at sephora, testing lip glosses at mac, reading cards at halmark...kind of awesome i know right? not even weird to bum around at a mall just doing whatever by myself...for however long i decided...i did know one thing though i wanted to leave by eight...

well...i would have met my goal had i remembered three things.
1. that i had switched cars with my dad earlier that i was NOT driving a yellow walking around the parking lot for 10 minutes looking for one wasn't going to make "groovy" randomly appear...
2. that if i did remember i was driving a silver mercedes remembering where it was parked would have been nice too.
3. lastly, the key i was the one with the half dead battery...aka panic button didn't work and you have to stand within 3 inches of the door to get it to unlock...

NOT my best night...basically i was pissed...speaking in tongue that consisted of words that really only had four and five letter words...and i didn't get home till 830. mother f-er...pissing whores of death. it was a little funnier when i told danielle about it, and a little more funnier when i told my co-workers about it today...but still kind of have itchy skin and irritated anger about it when i remember how annoying it was to walk up and down the parking lot rows 13 times each in the freezing snow of march...cause also that is the other thing...since when does it snow in portland in march? what?

gorgeous thursday night. but it did get better. i made dinner, snuggled and watched dance videos of my favorite bestest bests when i got back to the house. if you haven't learned about the lakers they kick ass.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

the goodness that is spring.

today is easter. and something i love about easter are the colors...pinks, yellows, blues, spring grassy green...there are flowers and bunnies and eggs and i happen to love everything about it because it is just so spring. and with spring means sun...and even though it is rainy outside i look around inside and everything is bright, cheery, sweet, fun and cute.

today's easter isn't exactly a normal easter for me. but i am ok with that because today's activities are special in and of themselves. i have spent the whole morning cooking and baking and playing with my family. i made tea. i made cupcakes. i made cookies. i have sampled too many of the deviled eggs my sister and mom have been making to insure that they were "satisfactory enough" for the guests coming today. i have played little girl and snuggled a little easter bunny that the big "easter bunny" brought for me (which by the way is adorable and from the brand "bunnies by the bay" learn about them and find some cause their fur is amazing soft...they make bath robes and i want to look into that) thus far, today's easter has been perfect, relaxing and delicious. i am loving it.

take a peak at some of the gorgeousness that has been today.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


barf is one of my new favorite words. i also enjoy when i hear others around me say's pretty much hilarious and makes everything that is nasty... funny, and therefore theory on life is, if you can find humor in the gross annoying crap then life will be a whole lot more fun...

examples - make fun of diarrhea, wear knee pads and a sign that says "that's right bitches...sometimes i fall down the jealous," when you call someone by the wrong name laugh at them and be like "silly...i know your REAL need to correct...its just a barf name and so i decided to call you something cuter"

however...there are still those remaining few things that really just can't be made fun of...cause they are legitimately barf...and there is no escaping them. one of those things is soy yogurt.
if you see this on store word. RUN

this shit is for reals...nasty.
when something looks like barf, smells like barf, has the color of barf...learn about it tasting like barf before actually putting it in your mouth. n.aaaas.ty.
according to "skinny bitch" this amazingly hilarious book on healthy products are better for your body and easier to digest...i have been eating soy milk with my cereal in the morning and actually i enjoy soy is suppose to be good for your skin...but soy yogurt? thanks.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

precious moments

today is march 12...and something about today is that it has been 6 days short of 4 months since my car accident.

i have had some moments today...some moments that have reminded me just how very lucky i am to be sitting here able to write this...i'm pretty sure it isn't everyday that people can flip cars on freeways going 65 miles per hour and live through it...let alone be totally fine.

most days i manage not to think about it anymore, at least not in the way that caused me to wake up short of breath in the middle of the night...also the rain has been much less lately so when i drive to work in the mornings i don't often hear that sloshing water spray under the bottom of the car that instantly causes my heart to skip a beat and nervous anxiety to rush through my whole self.

today however is one of those of those days i am forced to toss my hands in the air and thank god for not taking me that morning.

apparently i still had more things to do...more people to meet...more friends to make...more lives to touch...and for that no words can explain how grateful i am. i really am not sure what purpose that morning was meant to serve but i do know that it has opened my eyes to life. cherishing moments, being random, loving, taking advantage of every opportunity, looking for the good in all situations, enjoying the small things...

too often people are caught up in the routine that is life...distracted by the daily activities of work, stress, family, what's for dinner, laundry, who isn't calling you back, what time to leave so you won't be late for the meeting, game, movie, practice, test, rehearsal, flight...stop...just stop...breathe in...breathe out...and remember that we are given one life. one shot. one chance. one body. one time...just that can be ended at any split second of any day of any month of any year...and as hard as you try to control when that one life may end...ultimately it is out of your hands. so make the most of it...value every moment...for each one is precious.

so today hug someone new, laugh at something, play dress up and take silly pictures, drive to your friends house with a flower and surprise them, send an email to someone you haven't talked to in a long time, have a dance party in the middle of the safeway parking lot to "apple bottom jeans and boots with the fuuuuuurrr", go buy a super soaker and have a water fight, give something to someone, pray, sing your favorite song at the top of your lungs holding a brush as a microphone in front of your random...take a step away from your routine and enjoy life because you only have one shot at it...and you never know when it may i'll end totally cliche and say...cherish all moments. try to live each one as if it were your last. it's important.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


i was just going to title this post wack...but that word seemed kind of ick...and then i thought about giving it a whole different title, but something about wack is that it was kind of the theme of yesterday around the office and i said that when i finally blogged about the end result of the altoid extravaganza i would title it wack. so that's what im doing...i just added a ssshhh on it so it wouldn't sound as nasty by itself.

anyway the whole office basically ended up getting involved in this thing...cause it was kind of an ordeal.

it started with me running around to buy 200 more tins of altoids (as if 400 wasn't enough) proof...check out the receipt...

it continued with me running around buying 300 boxes to distribute each bottle in (mind you my car is TINY so it took more skills than i had anticipated...) the kind of skills that basically involve shoving large things into tiny spaces...look.

basically when i shut my eyes at night, images of these flashed through my head...

i'm over it. for the next two weeks i will be living and breathing laker dancers...which is much better than mint dust in my opinion.