Thursday, April 16, 2009

why her last name is wang

vera got her chach sewed up yesterday. no babies for her!

we have been putting it off for a while...only cause we knew it would be such a pain in the ass for multiple reasons. mostly money, oh and the lil wayne concert (had to cancel and reschedule her surgery for that of course) but also cause vera is high maintenance...(i have no idea where she got that from) and we figured something simple that most cats just deal with no-problemo would be an issue for her. we were right.

it started tuesday night at 10pm when i had to take away her food and water. she ate a snack at 9:45 i gave her some fresh water, she took a couple sips than ran off grabbed her teal cheetah mouse with the black sparkle feathers and went into my room. so i put her food in the black cabinet where we store her litter and things. on top of the black cabinet is a bag of wisker likings and some small brown paper bags - {lunch bags}. not five minutes after i picked up her food was she over there scratching at the door then up on the shelf chewing on the wisker likings bag. she doesn't even really like them all that much. half the time she puts them in her mouth than leaves them on the rug. so this behavior was out of the ordinary. and anytime i would go over there to get her off she would just bite me then run to the door of the cabinet and scratch again. this went on for about an hour, until i went to bed. the next morning when i walked to the shower all of the brown little lunch bags where scattered everywhere. awesome.

dropped her off at the vet, she wasn't happy at all about this. i worried about her all day of course until i picked her up at 5:45. the vet said she did excellent. however the second she woke up and could see straight enough to notice the bandaid on her paw where they had put the iv in her she ripped it off...but that wasn't a problem. they gave me some antibotics, and several instructions - non of which were relating to licking of the wound. so asked about that. they said "oh yeah, no licking, however cats hardly ever lick...unless for some reason they are obsessive compulsive cleaners...its normally just the dogs that have a problem. but if for some odd reason she does lick you will need to get a cone for her neck." i was all like, hmm ok...well that's good then i won't worry about it...and off we went

we got home - and as soon as i opened vera's kennel she went from greasy, tired, worn out baby to perky, energetic, "thank god i am home and out of that skank ass joint" cat that ran straight to her food to make sure it was out of the cupboard to an immediate obsessive compulsive cleaner that wouldn't stop liking her stitches if someone where to put a buffet of fresh salmon and a costco kirkland chicken in front of her face.

basically she went nuts...and acted as if her sole purpose in life was to lick off those stitches. so of course not five seconds after i was home i was back in the car off to hunt down a cat cone.

there isn't one thing about this thing that she likes. but it does keep her from licking...poor girl, i do feel was a rough day for us yesterday.

Friday, April 10, 2009

brain dump pt. two

so remember about this blog post? yeah...i know i know, you are all like duh we remember suck at blogging these days so obviously we remember that post cause it was only like two times ago...

well anyway it is now april and that means SO much has quick recap & update you...i worked out for the entire month of january...and then i stopped (but i will be getting back on that one soon!)...tara's wedding is coming along! my dress is ordered...and so is hers! i also helped her order her wedding cake weekend before last, her wedding is going to be beautiful and i can't wait!, sister's birthday is getting closer! wahoo!! plane tickets are bought and paid for - love that story! its so official it's not even a joke, talk about best (and much needed trip) ever! vegas here we come!, crest whitening strips - totally used them, totally was a fan but not totally sure they made the most long term change in the world, verdict is still out on that one...and the dance team - coaching is my favorite :) the girls got 11th in the nation in hip hop and we also had state in march- they got 3rd...its an honor and a joy to coach such a talented team, they are a blessing!

and i can finally, officially share my other exciting news stories of 2009...that i have had to keep buried for so many reasons...

but here it is...

6. i have finally made the decision (after almost 3 years of contemplating) to go back to school to get my masters degree. yup! that's right...and i can officially say it because on monday i received this fabulous little note in my email inbox "On behalf of the MAT selection committee, Congratulations on being accepted into the University of Portland's 2009-2010 MAT cohort." WAHOO!! It is official, i am going back to grad school. i just got the official letter in the mail when i got home last night from work...i totally was going to scan it in, but i forgot it at home so that will have to come later. in short here is the deal. i applied back in january - application required some essays, 4 letters of recommendation, transcript, an interview from the MAT selection committee, and a passing test score for one of my three entrance exams (totally passed the ORELA! taking my next two tests within the next 14 days - the CBEST and the social studies praxis...which might i add is hella crazy...totally not overwhelming to be asked 150 questions over ANYTHING relating to us history, world history, government, politics, geography, sociology, anthropology or psychology. --UM YEAH, NO...NOT!...and that's not even all...there are 7 essays to. its gonna be a fun one!) anyway i got accepted. school starts in june, its a year long program and i will graduate next may with my masters in secondary education to teach high school history.

leading me to my next point...
6.5. (this is part six because it kind of directly pertains to the switching of the career path) i will be leaving this family, the rewestpr girls' family on april 30. such a bitter sweet. these past two years have been filled with so many laughs, good times, learning experiences and ridiculous adventures (you can read some here) i will miss these girls a lot!

7. and just in case changing my entire career and daily live in one day isn't enough i will also be moving out of my house and into a new house at the end of the month. so good bye old blue house that is so deceivingly adorable with your high ceilings, cute molding and hard wood floors. i sure as hell won't be missing your skank ass unfinished dirty old basement {home of wolf spiders and tarantula wanna-be's}, the homeland of sugar ants that like to invade mac computers and create $480 extermination bills, the neighbor to crazy old woman who builds bonfires in black plastic planter containers with small starter sticks in the middle of the street, puts 40 cubes of butter out on the sidewalk to feed the seagulls and randomly decides its a good idea to chuck eggs at cars as they drive by on their way to work in the i will not be missing you because i will be living in an adorable recently remodeled three bedroom, TWO full bath home that has a theatre room, bar, laundry room (wahoo!!) AND...drum roll please for the best part...A DISHWASHER!!! hells yeah woot woot {do a little dance...make a little love...} i can't wait!

needless to say may is going to be a big turning point in my life and i am so so excited about it. it has definitely been a stressful, intense, and challenging few months...full of sleepless nights, tears, anxiety, tension and anxiousness...(just ask my family...they know all about it, or friends - they also know all about it considering they haven't seen me for four months...unless they belong to the laker dance team or sit next to me in the office all day long - and trust me those ones probably know about it best) but i can finally say that i am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel...and the entire journey has absolutely been worth it. the countdown has begun - 20 days and counting.

here is a picture to summarize the excitement (courtesy of my mother)

Friday, February 27, 2009

in case you ever wondered....

i'm going to guess that most of you have never wondered this before...and probably you don't really care about what the world is like at 3:00am. but for the sheer fact that i got to experience it this morning i was all like i guess i will at least tell my blog about it. so that's what i'm doing.

let's be real about one thing. the only time anyone is (or should ever) be up and around at 2:30am is when they are coming home (maybe a little faded) and going to bed. pretty sure it should be illegal for people to wake up at this hour. in fact alarm clock companies should just make a deal with the world that they won't function prior to 5am...5am is gross but anything before that is just wrong.

check it...

that is the official number i read while parking at the oregon convention center this morning.

it was dark, freezing and my car windows were icy. sick. i passed 7 cars total between my house and OCC. sick. the parking garage metal gates were down, i had to use the swiper and i set the extremely loud alarm off. sick. my window decided to have an electrical issue when i tried to roll it back up from using the swiper and wouldn't roll back up, so it was left half down today. sick. i was the first person (apart from 1 security guard) to enter the convention center today. sick. it is 2:27 and i have already worked an 11 hour day. sick. i am guess you are finding a trend with this mornings activities...there was a lot of sick going around...although, in fairness it wasn't all nasty...some of it was actually kind of awesome...

here's why -- i got to work with drew carney again today!! and rose marie nicols mcgee (yeah i know right? tight ass name!! she is a speaker at the show...and drew did one of his segments on her....)

plus sister and i got approved for our new house and we sign the lease this weekend! it has a laundry room WITH a brand new washer and dryer...i feel spoiled...not to mention it has TWO full bathrooms, a fancy new bar, huge video projector screen in the basement (aka the tv!), garbage disposal...AND the best part of the whole entire house...the dishwasher!! i never realized what a luxury a dishwasher was. like most things, you never realize how amazing until you don't have it...a dishwasher is one of those things.

Monday, February 16, 2009

the new look

so i haven't blogged much about the cat lately. little vera is not so little anymore...i mean she isn't huge or anything shes skinny wild and crazy as ever...and the fact that she must run everywhere rather than walk is probably part of what keeps her skinny ass so thin...she's good.

however this blog isn't about her. this blog is about my other cat. bella. i got bella when i was a freshman in college. however i got her when i lived in the dorms so she she had to live at home with my parents for a while. the plan was that she would move in with me when i finally got a place of my own, however she ended up being a really weird cat with slight mental issues. we were all afraid that if we uprooted her from the comfort of what is under my old bed at my parents house and move her not only out of the bedroom but out of the house completely and into an entirely new place she may just convulse out of nervousness and fall over dead. so we decided it was probably best just to leave her...and my mom and dad didn't mind too much considering they maybe see her once every other week when she slinks to the laundry room to eat a bite of food or the once-a-month my mother digs her out from under the bed to go to her grooming appointment. see the thing is bella is a white persian cat. she has lots of hair. lots of thick white cotton fluffy hair. that mats. hard core. nonetheless it was time for her grooming...normally when the cats go get groomed they come back looking gorgeous luscious...smelling fabulous with whispy flowing fluff fur...well this time not so much.

mom went to pick up the cats and this is what happened to bella.

she got shaved. she hates it...runs around with her tail between her legs and shivers like someone through her naked ass out into the middle of arctic blast 2008. but personally i think she looks awesome! not only does she look like she's wearing white uggs...but now when you hold her you don't get covered in eight inch long white hairs. she may have to get used to the new look. it may be a permanent one.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

disney...and the results

pretty sure that this past week i just experienced was probably one of the BEST times i have had in my entire life...

no joke. lets recap.

6 straight days of laughing...i don't even remember the last time i have done so much laughing...and i am pretty sure on more than one occasion i had to concentrate hard on not peeing my pants. reasons you ask? i blame these two...

i can't even remember everything we laughed at...because basically it was everything and im sure people thought we were nuts cause most of the stuff we thought was funny probably wasn't. i'm guessing it was the combination of almost zero sleep and trying to manage 24 teenagers in disney world that made us go a little nuts.
but here are some fav moments...nonetheless.
-seniorenas and jason
-being on thunder mountain when it broke (total salt) - i have a video about that...i'll post it.
-going on splash mountain...purposefully sitting in the back so we wouldn't get wet...made it through once totally dry but then the douche bags working the ride thought it would be funny to send us through a second time (literally pushed the button and sent us through without even asking - there last words "oh...sorry we are on a schedule") only this time we got NAILED by the water and were sopping wet...
-1/2 hour conversations about salt, phones, salad and dressing
-hayley's laugh
-old school disney cartoons
-waffle cone ice creams
-recycled air
-which chipmunk has one tooth and which has two
-world's best mom trophys
-monorail lines at the contemporary hotel when denise educates me on babies daddies, affairs and other important stuff...
-10second camera timers
-the skit

i love them...

also who i love...are THESE GIRLS!!!

seriously. they crack my shit up! hell yes they can drive me INSANE..but i wouldn't trade them for the world. they are adorable, funny, hard working (most of the time), silly, hilarious, sweet, and watching them dance is my favorite thing ever.

our routine was pretty much ridiculous amazing...and if you have yet to see it please go to and search lake oswego and watch it...because i couldn't be prouder of them!!! dude learn about us being the 11 BEST high school hip hop team in the entire united states...kind of AWESOME!!!!

this was us at awards ceremony...please just look at how amazing that finals stage is!! talk about once in a life time experiences!!

i love coaching this team...i wouldn't trade them for the world!! and these are moments i will cherish forever - because i am not quite sure i will ever have a team that i love so much.

here's to the rest of the season - and making the next six weeks the best most fun times ever!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the neighbor

she lives alone (i think). she is sixtyish...she works at fred meyer...and i used to think she was weird...

back in the days of fall when she would trim her rose bushes down in the dark - and not just the dark, but we are talking 11pm dark. scissors in one hand flash flight in another...i also thought she was weird for turning on a big flood light and chopping fire wood till 10:30 at night. maybe a little more than weird, maybe a little creepy. something about an old lady with an axe out in the dark chopping stuff up is odd.

well creepy weird lady turned to crazy lady when one morning about 10ish days ago or so - while i was making some of the fav. tea before going to work i saw her out my kitchen window chucking eggs at cars. yup! that's right. eggs. at. cars...and not just a couple but an entire carton full...there were something like 35 eggs smashed in the street. wtf.

don't worry it gets weirder...

last weekend i was woken up by skwauking seagulls...about 200 of them...they were acting like someone had just thrown 30 cubes of butter into the street for them to eat...and i think maybe it had even been soaked in some sort of magic "here-seagulls-i-know-you-are-totally-obsessed-with-butter-so-come-and-get-it" juice. cause they were acting like i would act if someone were to throw 500, 1-million dollar bills onto the street. and who on earth would put that much butter on the street you're wondering? yup my neighbor.

she did it the next morning too...

i wish so badly i had pictures to share of all of this, but considering she manages to always come up with something last nights chopping of fire wood - into small starter sticks and then placing them into black plastic planter pots and lighting mini bonfires in the street...i'm sure that there will be more stories to come and i will definitely be sure that my camera is ready to take some photos...

on a side note...we leave for nationals tomorrow...I AM SO EXCITED and so so very nervous. I hope my next post is an exciting one :) wish us look and send good thoughts!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a brain dump...

it is a new year...and that means a fresh start for me!!

so instead of looking back and thinking about what a bad blogger i have been...and all the other things in my life i have put on the back burner...we are going to focus on the good...the future...the moving sense bringing up old news - we all know i was a serious slacker of all things important ..but its time to move on...not my chair not my problem, that's what i always say - (sister probably you are the only one in the world that understood that. ok maybe not...maybe katie - you did...)

and just so others don't feel left out - learn about this video its hilarious shit.

anyway long story is good. i feel like for the first time in a long time i am finally back on track...things will take a while to unfold and really its all about baby steps...but i think this year is going to be a very very exciting one!! for so many reasons...

i can't share all of them today...but here are some to get you started- and in no particular order

1. i am back in the gym - i know what!!? wait...i will repeat that in case you thought maybe you went blind for a sec and didn't read that right, or that you had a small stroke and your brain waves didn't process that phrase correctly...but it's true!! commitment to fitness is back and i am totally into it...being back in the gym feels oh so great! i know right? who misses working out??! but i love it...

2. i was asked to be a bridesmaid for the first time ever!! i am thrilled, excited, and beyond looking forward to all the fun times to come!! and best of all its tara's wedding!! aug 8th is going to be a fabulous day!!!

3. sister turns 21 this year...and we booked our hotel rooms in vegas!!! family tradition...big birthdays means girl trip to vegas...and if you even understand how my family does girls trips well then you would know why i am counting seconds for that favorite city of mine!!! we get to stay at paris...and yipeee im seriously so excited!!

4. i started using crest whitening strips...i have been wanting to for a long time, but just never time a long time ago i did the whole professional whitening thing - where you get the bite guard and do that gel stuff...and sleep in it...but it hurt my teeth so bad it was like sharp machetes shooting in my face everytime i breathed in cold i have been scared to try whitening strips ever since...but with a commitment to fitness, a wedding to look forward to and is as good of a time as any to give them a second only three days in...but so far so good. - i'll let you know

5. i leave for florida in 2 weeks from today!! nationals baby...and i can't wait...this year has been such a roller coaster year of has been one of the hardest things i have ever done in my life...but on so many levels the most rewarding. those girls bring me so much joy and it will be an experience of a life time to take them to disney world and watch them compete something that has taken us so many hours to construct, build, and perfect. it's going to be amazing...coaching is truly a blessing on so many levels.!!

there is so much more...but so far this year is shapping up to be a great one and i can't wait to watch it unfold - i just hope it doesn't go by to quickly!!

cheers to 2009! (better late than never!!)
and my pledge to doing things i love! (including this damn blog of mine!)

Monday, December 1, 2008

ok, so once again i guess i suck...

not to make excuses about anything...but here is my theory...when i spend 8 hours (sometimes 9 hours) on this computer here everyday i guess when i get home the last thing i want to do is get back on the computer when i am home to blog. it's annoying and i hate that because i LOVE to blog! it's fun to write about stuff that i's fun to play with words and have the freedom to say whatever...i mean don't get me wrong, not that its anything shy of entertaining to tell the world about colons and acne and how many hops are in the latest 22ounce brew - but that's the thing, work stuff i have to stuff i get to do. and i get to do it about anything i chose!

anyway that's that. i am a blogger slacker and if you read this blog then i am sorry but that is just how it has to be - and i am finally ready to accept it rather than to be mad about it.

anyway i have lots to say, mostly cause lots goes on in my world everyday! but also i had a really awesome four day weekend. i wish every weekend could be four days long. it was glorious. plus also it was thanksgiving and i got to eat like crazy.

so hopefully someday i will get around to writing about that...but for now i will just share my day yesterday.

according to my mom, yesterday was suppose to be our luckiest day of the year...and not just year but luckiest day in a long time i guess...and that is according to the fact that i am a gemini? my mom's into horoscopes and lucky days and all that...not because she lives for all the fancy psychic stuff but any excuse to win at that oregon lottery business she'll take it...anyway i was instructed to buy lottery tickets yesterday by her...since that's not exactly the kind of stuff i care about i kind of forgot - but looking back on yesterday i think that i actually had a really lucky day...and mostly because it was probably one of the funnest (yes i used a word that isn't in websters - get over it) days i have had in a long long time, so you know what? screw lottery tickets...yesterday's activities were better than that. i got to play all day with two of my best friends. i love these girls.

we don't really get to play all that often together any more. see the thing is - laura lives in arizona too many days out of the year...

and plus i know my days with danielle are limited cause then she goes to college too...and lots of people may think it's weird that two of my best friends are so much younger than i am...but you know what i think? i think it doesn't matter because also i have my sister, and i have this other fabulous person who is almost double my age and i love her to really i don't think it matters how old your friends are- if you are smart, you snag up those awesome, hilarious, nice and fancy bitches and never let them go! regardless of age...

so here's to my luckiest day of the year and to those special moments with my friends that i cherish every second of.

we got starbucks and went to the park....

a little bit obsessed with those fall colors...
and when things are fancy you have to play with them. like these leaves...

and we did other stuff go to the barrels, and to rite aid. also we made this gorgeous thing (we were all about living for it...and if you don't know what that means learn about the man)

it was a the best day...and other things that helped make it so great--that didn't get captured on film was the delicious french toast breakfast laura and i made, the fancy bracelets we beaded, the singing penguin that rang a bell when it wiggled, dressing up laura's cats with santa beards, filming music videos for facebook walls...and my night ended with yummy dinner with sister, basket and robbins ice cream and movies!

now that right there...that is a lucky day :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

the red and the green

wait what?

the red and the green? ...that means christmas...wait christmas? ALREADY??! i mean i know costco started selling the wicker light up raindeers and 425 pack counts of those cheap plastic-y ribbon bows after mother's day...but that's costco...and monday when i went to fred meyer's and saw the decoration isles (which a few days ago were full of harvest pumpkins, acorns and leaves - all good things fall) filled up with red and green m&m's, those mint chirstmas tree taffys, tinsel, lights and evergreen scented candles i couldn't believe that it was that time of year again...

don't get me wrong...i love it with every ounce of my heart...this time of year is my very most favorite. i love lights, and treats, and family time, and snow, and the non-stop christmas music that plays around the clock...but at the same time woah! i can't believe how fast another year went by...and to be honest it kind of freaks me out. but whatever it's fine...i'll embrace it...because embracing it means drinking lots and lots of these...

white chocolate peppermint mocas...pretty sure if clouds in heaven this time of year have a taste...they would taste something like this.

also this year i am going to try something...and no guarantees but if i write it down...and share it with the public, i figure my odds of getting it together and actually doing it (rather than just saying it) will be here it is:

i will be adopting a family for christmas...with the help of my family and friends and anyone else who feels generous this far i am just in the planning stages but i have made some phone calls and been directed to the right people to working on making it happen, i will keep you posted.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


i changed my costume about 12 times (at one point i even had purchased an entire burlesque dancer outfit...complete with the corset, thigh high fishnets, little skirt, awesome feathery satin flower hair piece, pearls, satin gloves-but i felt like a cheap whore so that idea went away as soon as i tried on that outfit)...and in the end i ended up being a gangster...

that mean things like this happened:
1. i was writing on a paper at the front desk, heard "so what are you suppose to be for halloween...?" answered before i had lifted my head - "a gangsta" (in a pimp sorta grimy dirty voice) looked up and saw that the question had come from this huge black fed-ex delivery guy...yes it was sure my eyes were all like gulp...blink blink** but he played it cool and replied with an "aiight...straight up gangsta"
2. sister begged me to stop at the liquor store. we live in the north portland...we'll go with the phrase, a picture speaks a thousand words...(and in this instance probably more...)

not only was it 6'oclock on a friday night at the liquor store but it was that means the line is about 19 people deep (i didn't count or anything)...3 of them were mexican...16 of them were black...i was white...dressed like 50 cent. and it was weird.

here was the rest of my night.

pretty sure this night was awesome, hilarious and way too out of control...the stories are way too much to share on this hear site without writing a novel so for those of you that were there...i will share a few words: 503, karen, bathroom door handles, cabs, vladi, lemons and honey, 5.63 miles, and the jagermeister