Thursday, February 28, 2008

absolutely necessary...

reallly? really. seriously? is it absolutely necessary to really have this many?

the office smells like mint. heather's car smells like mint. my hands smell like mint. my hair and clothes are infused with it and i'm pretty certain i have never seen so many altoids in one place at one time.

just another typical day at the office...

meaning " this random job...don't ask what it's for...don't ask for instructions...don't ask where to go, what to do, how much, when, where, what, why...just get me 400 tins of altoids to fill those pill bottles you ordered and it will be fine."

...oh sure! no problem...let me just go to every store in the portland area to collect every tin of altoid that has been shipped into this state in the last year. oh it's fine. don't worry about me. it's all good. all under control. it's not a problem at all! fabulous. loving it...and totally obsessed.

( what seriously? ...necessary?)


mission accomplished.

mostly i just laugh these days...because it's basically comedy.

when people ask what i do for a living i just say..."drink beer, try on xxl basketball clothes from niketown, and buy altoids...sometimes i do public relations on the side."

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

...don't act so suprised...

i have another new obsession!

i know...totally shocking right?...

today during lunch julieanna and i went to root whole body. it's my new favorite place. it looks like this...

we did yoga. for one hour in the middle of the day we walked into paradise...breathed calming smells of lavender, listened to soothing water noises, drank fancy fabulous tea in the special tea was amazing! there is even a sauna and you can use big comfy luscious robes...go learn about it...

and it is totally not even that you can buy packages or monthly memberships. now i want to try pilates, hot room yoga, facials, and everything else pampering and fabulous...obsessed.

Monday, February 25, 2008


sometimes there are people who annoy you. sometimes there are people who argue with you. sometimes there are things that are dumb...and sometimes you just need to give these people and things options so they stop being annoying and do what you say.

today my sister just texted me and told me that a girl was sitting next to her in class chomping her gum hella...

today my computer had to restart three times...

today traffic was gross..people were dumb...and i was lateish to work...

and these are just three examples from today of where giving things options would solve things...quick, easy and painless...

something about when you are little is that probably you have all written notes to people that say.. "do you like me..." and then the little boxes are below and you write "check (not the word but the actual check mark symbol) yes or no..."

basically that is what this is was always so black and white when i was why not just make things simple again?

today i sent these notes...

pretty much how this works allow things to have free choice...but in the end their choices are options that you it's basically win win for everyone.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

to do list...

i guess i am in to lists these days...i've been making lists about things i love and other things i love...and now today i am going to do another list. i guess one thing about me is i am a list maker...and i always have been...i work best when i can lay everything out...look at it and just dig in. something about crossing things off lists feels rewarding and satisfying i suppose...i know lists about what i love are not really cross-off-able...but i still like them...anyway...todays list is something new...

today's list is going to be a list of things i want to do...not really in any particular order and they don't have to be any time soon...(some probably will be impossible to do soon...) but sometime in my life i would like to do all of these hopefully if i am still blogging when i am like 75...i can go back and be like..."oh shit...i gotta hurry and get those other things done!"

so here is my list...
1. learn to knit mittens and a hat
2. get a good bike and go on a bike trip (like cycle oregon)
3. do a triathlon
4. buy a pair of brown uggs
5. visit italy / visit the vatican
6. get married
7. take pictures doing snow angels in a lot of snow in either a bathing suite or my sports bra and underwear
8. write a book
9. have kids
10. scuba dive
11. own some sort of house of my very own
12. cross country ski
13. coach a dance team (or co-coach a dance team)
14. watch the ball drop in new york city on new years eve (in person...not on tv)
15. learn to kayak
16. paint a big painting on canvas as a piece of art for my living room
17. see the grand canyon
18. ride in a real gondola and kiss under one of those bridges
19. learn yoga/pilate's and do it for reals (once i did it in PE class but i think i fell asleep before it was over)
20. sew a quilt
21. ride an elephant
22. get a tattoo...probably something tiny... but somewhere...some day...
23. hang out and look around (or stay!) in a vegas palms hotel sweet.
24. see rent on broadway (in new york)
25. fly a plane
26. learn to play guitar (i know a little...but i want to learn for reals)
27. learn to play violin
28. have something named after me
29. go to a celebrity party/red carpet event/or anything that is famous like...
30. rope swing into a lake
31. go on a silent retreat
32. see the sunrise on an ocean shore line and the sunset over the ocean shore line in the same day
33. drive a really expensive car just to see what all the fuss is a $100,000 or more car...
34. go to the top of the eiffel tower (i know i know...i was all the way in paris...and i didn't go to the top of the eiffel tower...long story--at any rate its going on my list)
35. visit all 50 states
36. start my own business
37. read a classic novel (or 2 or 3..) - like war and peace
38. go on a road trip (3 days min...perferable a longer one)
39. go to australia
40. change someone's life for the better...and know that i have made a difference

i'm sure i'll add to this list someday...but for now these are a good start :)....sometimes i think being random and doing things you normally wouldn't do are the best ways to live life. most of the time its the small moments and the random activities you take for granite that make your life so fantastic...i plan to do all of these things (or hope that i can do all of these things...) and as i do im certain that the journey to get me to these will be the parts i will remember best. and there is one rule. the rule is i am not allowed to do any adventure alone...because also it is best to look back, laugh and remember things with other people.

carpe diem!

Friday, February 22, 2008

baggy sweat pants...and the nikes with the strap...

the difference a week can make in my world of work is basically like this.

one week ago i had already been up for 11 hours. i had already been working for 10 hours and was tired, gross, nasty and totally over it.

this week i have been up for 7 hours. worked for 5 hours...and half of those hours were spent doing shopping, dress-up, and important lunching. basically much better...much more fun...and pretty much why my job kind of kicks ass...

meet heather. my boss. well actually i think you have already met heather...but not this heather...this heather is what we call...i think..."ballllliiiiinnnn..." (or whatever. basically just a white skinny kid dressed like he wants to be in a gang, wears ice chips on his ear and puts on grillz before cruising around the town in a pimped out low riding cadillac)...heather and i played dress up with the $600 worth of nike clothes i had to buy today for a video shoot. we are fancy. and gorgeous.

i'm pretty sure a rule should exist that probably every friday should be like this.

Monday, February 18, 2008

...all is well...

saturday i did something awesome. i went and slept in my old dorm room...kenna hall. from sophomore about blast from the past...random? kind of...but actually not totally cause something weird is that my sister has my old dorm room! (that...i would consider to be the random part.)

anyway we had sister/girl/party/sleepover night. we hung out. laughed. snuggled. watched a movie. played with hair. went to dinner. bought hella junk food at fred meyer. it was glorious fun. sometimes a little sister time is the best medicine for life.

one thing about that night...
we are going to play a game...look at this picture.

click on will get bigger.
now the game goes like this... guess which side of the little divider bar was ours. (sorry that the picture is also missing the cupcakes, peach pie, corn chips that go with that 5 layer dip, the veggie platter and the sweet tart gummy rabbits.

if you guessed the 39 cans of dog food ... ummmmm...yeeee-ahhh.. uh, you're right!(?) good job.

the other thing i needed to show about is this...

they are addicting...hilarious. and fabulous...make some.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

today is valentines day

i love lots of things.

i wrote a list a couple days ago about all of the things that i love.

so probably it is not necessary to repeat those...but it's valentines day...and today is a day about love. so here are 7 additional things that i love. also, some people are bitter about today..."sad day"...(which i learned stands for singles awareness day...) but i'm over that...cause even though the rich, hot, smart, athletic, and funny guy that is going to be blessed to take care of my ass forever hasn't been lucky enough to meet me yet...there are still a handful of people in my life that i love and am thankful i'm just going to celebrate that today.

anyway my 7...

1. the flowers sitting on my desk. i have two bouquets, one from my sister (delicious smelling daisy's and wild flowers) from julieanna (red tulips)...because they make me flowers and the thoughtful girls that gave them to me.
2. the word "probably".
3. the word "fabulous".
4. denise.
5. getting my westmoore hair tomorrow.
6. american idol night with nicki and laura...(and hopefully more in the future) because it is fabulous bonding. we eat brownies. we watch videos. we do homework. we cuddle. we take pictures on photobooth. and then once in a while watch some singing.
7. making people smile. (i know that is kind of vague/and typical...but it's true. bringing joy into other people's life makes me happy. i love making people laugh, i love giving presents, and i just plain love loving other people :)....)

happy valentines day bitches. looove it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

somethings about today.

there are two things. well there are actually lots of things. because for some reason i always seem to have stuff i can write and talk about...but mostly today there are two things that are most important for sharing.

i'm not sure which one i should start with so i will start with the fancy one...and end with the meaningful one.

the fancy one is the thing i am drinking my new obsession from. ok...i know...yesterday i said i was obsessed with rubix. and i am. still...but you are allowed to have more than one obsession and my other one is this thing called tea...specifically "to life" tea...a way too expensive habit for my poor ass...kind of like getting my hair cut and colored...but it makes me happy, and being happy is most it's whatever. anyway "to life" is delicious its from teavana at washington square, go there, learn about it, and become obsessed. it will change your life. but the point is that my coworkers were gone yesterday in LA and they brought me back a fancy present for my new obsession. they brought me back a mug to drink out of...and not just any mug but a high school musical mug.

the front...

the back...

franz bread, one of our clients has partnered with disney to do a big high school musical promotion and that means we get to have fun fancy i get this gorgeous mug...we also have the soundtrack and the second movie...basically it's awesome.

the other important thing i need to talk about is my meaningful thing.

there has been this thing on my mind lately...pretty much constantly...and its all i have really been able to think about. and what's been the hardest thing about it all is there are not very many people in my life that i can talk to about it because not very many people understand. it's not something i can talk about at work, it's not something i can talk about at home, its not something i can talk about with my friends...because it involves a part of my life i don't share with any of those people...i'm being vague but mostly i'm writing for me right feel free to not continue reading...the fancy part i already wrote about..and usually i dont use this place as my journal but today i am. because today is the day i finally feel i can take a breath...i can take a breath that is full of clean fresh air...not the air i have been breathing for the past several weeks...but new air...because things are better now. they are not all better...because this is one of those fabulous things that takes time...and because i am the worlds most impatient person (we are talking...if there is a problem i can't function normally until it is fixed...) time is hard for me to sit on...but it is a relief to know that things are finally pointing to the right direction...i have fallen off that frustrating grey cloud where there are no right right ways...and finally landed on a path where i can walk towards something that makes sense...i know it will take a few days, maybe weeks to get to the end of that path...but im walking, and that's what is important...

there are two songs i have on repeat right now...
1. Missy Higgins - "Special Two"
..."i remember someone old once said to me...that lies will lock you up with truth the only key...but i was comfortable and warm inside my shell...and couldn't see this place would soon become our is it better to tell on her or lie to save a face...well i guess the answer is don't do it in the first place..."
2. The Fray - "All at Once"
..."and all at once the crowd beings to say...sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are same..."

i've been vague in this but i have a point...and my point is...there are things in life that happen...and there are two roads to take after they do...the easy one...and the hard one...something about the hard one is that not very many people take it because not very many people are strong enough to. but i challenge you to grab on to someones hand and take the hard road...because together you can make it though and in the end that road will change you for the better. try not to get distracted by the decisions of everyone around you...because in the end there is only one person you can every truly control, and that is yourself. there will be obstacles and trials and things that make you question taking the hard way...but listen carefully for those moments and people that remind you that you are on the right track...because they are are never alone. everything happens for a reason. nothing is an accident. take advantage of every opportunity for growth even the hard ones. be the change. it's worth it.

Monday, February 11, 2008

my new skill

if you know me you know i like to learn new things. something also is that when i start new things...i get obsessed. like think, breath, live and dream about them. last night i dreamt about pink, white, yellow, green, teal, and purple. and yes, it was kind of creepy. it kind of reminded me of that disney movie fantasia. i haven't seen it in a long time i just remember there being lots of weird swirling colors that kind of annoyed me.

anyway i dreamt about those colors...and if you don't know what those make probably you should learn about it. they make rubix. and rubix is my new obsession. i have been working on it for about three weeks now...and get ready...are you ready? cause this is big. like kind of huge...its official. yesterday i solved it, by myself, i solved the rubix cube for the very.first.time! mind you i was taught, by a very awesome teacher. her name is danielle (she dances on laker dancers) and she has patiently helped me to learn the rightdown.twistback.rightup.twistback.frontdown.doubletwistforward.frontup.twistforward.rightdown.twistback.rightup...movements of the rubix.

anyway, this annoying little box has been worked on for countless hours in florida, airports, my office, dance practice, room, car and im certain a number of other locations...and deep breath? i'm finished! it was exhilarating. love it. obsessed.

and even more impressive my record time is 4 minutes 52 seconds. i know right? that's like something only those smart, school loving, violin playing, differential equation solving, glasses and cardigan sweater wearing asians could solve. so i'm proud. (also i was just thinking that if someone where to read about me on paper...i'm kind of gross. here is what they would know. history major, theology minor, plays piano, solves rubix cube, and wears socks with high heels....ha cool. actually, im kind of surprised i have friends haha...anyway i'm over it. rubix is awesome and so are socks with high heels.)

here look at it. it's gorgeous beautiful.

Friday, February 8, 2008

a random list of things

i feel like a blog slacker...but somehow the past couple weeks have just gotten away from i was gone the end of last week through monday...doing the most fabulous trip of my life...florida.nationals.lakeoswegodanceteam.the best ever!

so i to rehash back into my world of blogging i am making a random list of things i love.

1. laughing
2. taking pictures with silly hats
3. rubix cubes
4. starbucks
5. eating dinner out
6. my lake oswego dancers
7. smuggling
8. baths
9. lois and clark the new adventures of superman. if you dont know about this show become obsessed.
10. text messaging
11. getting my hair cut and colored
12. new jeans
13. my black uggs
14. dancing
15. mascara
16. my teddy bear and my pig
17. music
18. air conditioning in the summer
19. space heaters in the winter
20. the dead silence on the top of the mountain right before you ski down
21. laying in the sun
22. city lights at night
23. gummy candy
24. my baby grand piano i got for graduation
25. socks
26. french tips on my toes
27. my sister
28. smoothies
29. facebook
30. my family
31. my friendship bracelete with the laker dancers
32. vegas

i think i love lots of things. those are just some i felt like sharing :)