Tuesday, April 29, 2008


ok so it has been decided. i have set a goal. and now i am writing about it because writing about things somehow always makes stuff more official.

for several months now i have been telling myself i am going to start getting back in shape...now i know i know, for those that know me and see me all the time i'm sure they are thinking "excuse me skinny bitch but what are you even worrying about..." so no it is not to lose weight that i have decided to do this...it is actually the opposite that has got me motivated...mostly it is my skrawny chicken arms and my weak legs that is motivation for me to get back in shape. one time about a year ago i was hella ripped and i miss that. so this morning, on my way to work, it was decided. i will be getting back into shape.

and this is how it will be done.

i'm not setting my goals super high to begin with because that i'm certain is setting myself up for failure...i have a hard enough time juggling a full time work, friend, family, dance time...and now to add working out in the mix its just another thing...but i'm ready to add it in, and i'm ready to start making it a priority so that is what makes me feel like i am going to be successful.

i was just sitting in ashley's office and we decided this.

3 days a week...i will be at the gym. gym time will include 1/2 an hour of cardio, and a weight circuit (2 arm exercises, 1 ab exercise, 2 leg exercises) these can be added or adjusted dependent on the mood/day but never can i do less than this. also gym time can be substituted for a yoga/pilates class or another work out class such as cycling/step/kick boxing...dependent upon the level of cardio that goes down it is even possible to substitute a gym day with a dance class...

this new schedule will be examined in 3 weeks and at that time we will analyze our commitment and determine if it is satisfying to continue for another 3 weeks, or if we we are ready to bump it up to something more...

at any rate it is official. mission "get-in-shape" has begun!

not the most exciting post but whatev its a blog about my life...and about the shit i do...so probably it is important to include this new goal i guess.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

the backyard

our backyard is sometimes a little wild.

when i was little i always wanted to camp outside in a tent but my paranoid mom never would let me because there would always be random wild animals outside.

mountain lion. (only once...but that one time seeing a mountain lion in the backyard was enough to scare my mom...although it is kind of sketch so probably i should have been scared too.)

anyway. today we saw a new animal. one i have never seen in the backyard before.

tonight we saw this...

a parrot.

we fed him a banana in the bird feeder and he was hella chowing all night.

i'll keep you posted, cause he is still out there and my mom wants to adopt him.


summer is confused i think...because it is wanting to come out but sometimes winter says "actually watch out im going to snow, hail and pour down rain today..."

so summer leaves again...

but it is putting up a fight and every once in a while we get a fabulous sunny day. like yesterday.

yesterday i was out on a drive with my mom, dad and some of our family friends...we were doing other stuff but this one part of our drive we were looking around alameda area (a neighborhood in northeast portland where we used to live when i was five) we were driving around "oooohing" and "ahhhing" at all of the fancy houses that i wished i lived in and then on the street were two little girls with their lemonade stand..

i yelled at my dad to stop but he didn't...so i yelled louder and then mom jumped on my team and we stopped...i had made a promise a long time ago that whenever i saw a lemonade stand i would always buy some...because dude, i remember the days of the lemonade stand and whenever i sold some it was seriously the best ever...and then when you get a big tip...its like "shut it down! we just made $5 lets go buy bonniebell lip gloss at rite aid!"

i made everyone in the car give a dollar and my mom ran out and bough a cup of lemonade...for 25 cents. we gave them $5 and told them to keep the change. they were excited...and i smiled.

so do good deeds...when you see lemonade stands out this summer...buy some. 25 cents won't break the bank and you will make someones day! plus lemonade is bomb.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

just fine


a word so commonly used its almost like habit. someone asks you a question and the quick easy response... "fine."

q - "how are you?"
a - "fine."

q - "how was school?"
a - "fine."

q - "how was your day?"
a - "fine."

fine...most normally used as an empty term that is simply a lazy response to a not so eventful occurrence. but what does fine really even mean? because i'm pretty sure it answers nothing.

day before yesterday a friend of mine informed me what fine ACTUALLY stands for:

f - ucked up
i - rrational
n - eurotic
e - motional

right? it's kind of awesome! and totally adds a more exciting twist to the ever so universally used term.

so next time you respond with "it'll be fine.."
know it's the most pleasant and calm way of saying things are messed the f@#k up, people are crazy, which makes you crazy and if you are anything close to normal you become an emotional basket case that is covering the fabulousness with a smile...because dude...that's life...and if things weren't "fine" shit would be boring.

so smile lots, laugh more and enjoy the things that drive you most crazy because those are the moments that add character to the ever so mundaneness that can be life.


eleven is how old my work turned tuesday.

eleven years old.

now it would seem that eleven isn't really a special year...it's not like ten where you fill up all the fingers...it's not like fifteen when you can drive a car...it's not the sweet sixteen...it's not the legal eighteen...it's not the good ole' twenty first...it's simply just eleven...but let me tell you what's so special about eleven...

eleven means u can hold up just two pointer fingers and it makes eleven...eleven means you can order a dozen and the fat person gets an extra donut...eleven means will and grace is on lifetime...eleven means you add a seven and you got yourself some slurpies!...eleven is a totally awesome number and totally fabulous birthday to celebrate.

beings that i work in the most amazing department of r/west...pr...we are also the designated party planning team of the group and we were put in charge of planning the birthday...so duh what does that mean? it means we get a dj...we get fancy costumes...we get a photo booth...and we create fancy drinks (the "R-ong" island : basically a special twist on the old long island iced tea...and the "R-ita" a fancy strawberry basil infused margarita)

here is the amazing team

here are the fancy costumes ...(heather and i...)

here is proof that the special drinks worked...(ashley and i...)

and though we did all of the fancy planning...non of it would have been possible without the financials...(sean-the big guy...and i...)

happy eleventh birthday r/west...
you know your job is rough when you have to party like a rockstar all the time.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

mall etiquette

i have yet to see a sign with rules on mall etiquette however i'm certain that these rules exist and apparently not everyone is aware of the rules so i guess that means it is now time to put them in writing so that the public can see what is appropriate and what is not for mall behavior...

the skinny on how to be when at the mall
1. when selling a product be a good representation of it...
ex. - if you are selling hair products it might be a good idea to have washed your hair that day rather than wearing a grease slicked pony...also if you are selling acne products, probably a good idea to not have acne, i know sometimes that might be mean to say but im sorry it is true how do you expect people to buy the products you are selling when apparently they aren't even working for you.

2. don't be annoying shopper that tries to return stuff after 7 years that is without tags and that has been used.
ex. - let's say you bought some dress from meir & frank...back before it was macys and you decided now after 5 years you don't like it anymore...don't try and get your money back from it...it's a different store...you have already worn it like 75 times...and the people behind you don't have time to wait for your ugly ass to argue with management about something that you probably shouldn't have even bought in the first place.

3. this one should probably be rule number one but it was put as last because hopefully it will be the one people are left with to remember as most important...

**keep your shit put away in the parking lot...
ex. - if you EVER have the thought of ..."what should i do today...hmm how about go to the mall and chase three girls around the parking structure with my wang hanging out..." yeah not a good idea. first off its disgusting...second its weird...and last, i promise...nobody wants to see it...also something is that next time i see someone jerking off i will probably just go ahead and hit him with my car...i'm certain i can get away with the claim "oh i'm sorry officer but when that sicko jumped in front of my car with his skank in my face i was caught off guard and forgot to stop"...(because also something is...it wasn't even the first time!! it was the 2ND time in the last month that i have been exposed to this indecency...) so totally barf.

the rules of the mall...learn about them bitches. they're kind of common sense so they shouldn't be all that hard to remember.

Monday, April 21, 2008

um...remember about how it's april??...

dear sky, do you remember about that song "april shower's bring may flowers?"...i don't think the song ever said "april snow..." i'm pretty sure snow does not bring flowers...snow brings like santa and sleds and boots with the fur...so let's remember about what today is...april 21st...and about how i shouldn't be waking up to snow?

that was my backyard today.

yeah. thanks.

how about tomorrow we are pretty. not freezing. and act maybe something like it's spring? because remember about something else...may starts next week...and may is almost summer. because allie gets out of school for summer break in 2 weeks. i don't like spring getting skipped. i like spring.

your lucky i am a forgiving person who tends to give second chances...

if i see more snow tomorrow we will definitely be having more serious words.
from, kendall.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


sometimes things are annoying, sometimes things are a pain in my ass, sometimes things need reminders, sometimes things need to be vented, sometimes things are cute, sometimes things are mean, sometimes things are funny, sometimes things are nice, sometimes things are stressful, sometimes things are a lot of different things...

i learned about this type of writing today from a girl on twitter...im trying it. therefore sharing it...if you find it good...try it too...it may help with life.

dear sun, remember last weekend when you were pretty? could you come back so im not so freezing and grumpy? cordially, kendall.

dear work computer, could you not be so old and slow so i can get my work done better? annoyingly, kendall.
p.s- internet explorer mostly i mean you...and your illegal operations. thnx.

dear lips, i know its not as sunny this week as last week and its a little more cold and freezing but could you please not be so chapped all of time? painfully, kendall.

dear boys, im not sure if its you or your cell phones but if one or the other could start working better probably i wouldn't be so annoyed...fondly, kendall.

dear sister, you are hilarious and thanks for always letting me vent to you about life. you make shit more fun. xox, sissy.

dear cute new blue house, i love you and have been looking for you a long time. love, kendall.

dear phone, sometimes people make fun of us for being so obsessed with each other, don't let other's opinions change you. you are amazing and without you mostly i get bored. hugs, kendall.

dear to-do list, sometimes its ok not to grow longer after i check something off you... from, kendall

dear oregon dance team judges, i have been listening to your state tapes about our routine...i get that you like us off center and lots of you tell us to play follow the leader but sometimes running to new formations doesn't show off skills as well as triple turns and foutes...what did you think about those skills? confusingly yours, kendall.

dear laundry, i have work for 9 hours today...it would be nice if you could be picked up and folded when i get home...i get tired of seeing you on the floor everyday, learn about responsibilities and quit being lazy. gross.- kendall.

probably i will write more letters in the future. that is all the stuff i have to write to right now.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


here it is...our house

we found it one week ago when it had an open house. we walked in the door and knew it had to be ours.

it is cute. redone inside...modern-esch...with hardwood floors. three bedrooms. one bathroom. a big yard. a downstairs with a washer and a dryer. a fire place. it is our new home and it is fabulous perfect!

we filled out applications that day...we got the phone call tuesday night...and to make things official i did this thursday...

today i was at costco with my mom and bought new gorgeous stainless steel pots and pans (there is even a double boiler...that is fancy for steaming veggies i think...) i got two frying pans, cookie sheets and a cooling rack, and a set of baking pans for brownies cupcakes cakes and other yummy treats!

this is going to be the start of a very fun adventure...i have a feeling i am going to start enjoying parts of this being grown up world. it is kind of fun!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


right now i am at work. probably i should be doing press release writing...

instead im in my office with ashley, brittney, and jake.

i'm drinking this

jake is educating us on beer scented candles.

and brittey (our new girl that started yesterday...) says "i love working at this place."

Monday, April 7, 2008

wipe vs white

what is this called?

did you say wipe board?
did you say white board?

i started my morning off with an e-mail from heather and a run through of what will happen on wednesday...the day our new pr girl, brittney, joins our office. on the schedule was a bullet point marking a time when brittney can make a list of office supplies she may need/want for her desk. such as pens, stickynotes, stapler...or a wipe board. it makes perfect sense, you write down your words...you wipe them off when you're done...hence the wipe board.

me on the other hand, if i were to have made the bullet point...my words would have read...white board. in my ever so cleaver mind i suppose i drew justification for that name via the word blackboard (meaning chalkboard)...you have blackboards and you have white boards.

i have been known to mess up words in the past....so it wouldn't totally shock me if i had this one wrong too..solid examples have included:
"forced-arch"...i've danced since i was 14. i am 22. that equals eight years of dancing...up until a few months ago dancing on my toes was called the "four-starch" apparently in my mind that evolved from fourth position and i guess made sense...whatever.
"like a rock"...the good ole' chevrolet truck commerical...sister and i used to sit in the back seat of our car...fighting over where the dividing lines were between our seats and sing about "michael rock.." until my mom turned around one day and said..."girls quit fighting...and its like a rock...not michael rock." we laughed and continued to sing "michael rock.." cause when you have been singing a song that way for already 2 years...why change?

at any rate...julieanna also says "white" board...so we had a discussion today about this at the office...it remains undecided.

i suppose both names are legit right? i'm gonna research about this...i'll let you know when the jury is back with their decision.