Tuesday, January 22, 2008

learn about this...

if i had a champagne glass and a spoon i would be standing on my black office swivel chair clicking them together while making that raspy "uuuhhheeeeem" throat clearing sound...and announcing that finally after nine months its official...i am officially an r/west employee (well...january 2nd was actually the real official date)

but today i got me some of these!

...yup those are business cards...my very own business cards...word bitches. i'm fancy now.

what started it all...

i was just thinking about how i wish i had more time to do blogging...i feel like my life has so many crazy stories that i dont have time to keep up with writing them all down...

and that kind of makes me sad because mostly going back and reading my old blogs cracks me up...its like when you go back and look at journals from when you were 12 and wrote stuff like "dear diary, today i woke up...went to school...it was boring...came home watched 7th heaven, ate a snack and went to bed...sorry this was so short i will just write more tomorrow. love, kendall" haha --i know i am not the only person that has written in a diary like this. fortunately my writing has become a little more interesting to read...mostly cause that is what i do for a living, write about stuff...events...news, etc. so now when i go back and read old blogs they are actually interesting and most of the time i just start laughing cause it reminds me of the crazy stuff i've done.

so if you are bored and feel like doing some extra reading...you can take a trip down my memory lane...to my first blog site...and what started it all...my study abroad trip to europe.

my first blog

Monday, January 21, 2008

try this...dare you.

so something about my office is that i now share it with two people. heather AND julieanna...she started a couple weeks ago. love her. she's fabulous! and our office is great fun!

we also have this board in our office that is a little white board thing and we have a chart that tells what we are doing...with little magnets we move around...stuff like "in a meeting" or "at lunch" or "getting shit done"...at the bottom of the board there was some extra space so i decided to include a section called...tip of the day...

when people come in to get candy for our candy container (which by the way is VERY popular...) they read our tip for the day...

there are generally some really great ones i put up there...stuff like "if you are caught sleeping at work just lift you head and say 'in jesus' name amen'...no one will argue with you" or notorious for parking tickets around here..."if there is no parking in the lot just park your car wherever and leave your wind shield whippers on high speed and that way the patrol guy can't leave you a ticket"

anyway, today's tip of the day is..."no piece of paper can be folded more than 7 times"...yeah you think its possible huh? but nope..its not...try it...i did it with a sticky note, i did it with a small piece of paper i did it with an 8 x 11 piece of computer paper...all didn't work!

so probably you should try it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

dancing fancy...

i had my first lumberjax game saturday night.

it was also my first time dancing at the rose garden. something i will admit, has been a goal of mine since i decided when i was 14 that i needed to be a blazer dancer...and honestly, it was pretty fantastic :)...i got to dress up fancy, dance in front of an arena full of people, and wear fake eyelashes. out next game is jan 24th...if you live in portland, come. promise you will love it!...and i hear the games aren't that bad either :)

hot team 2_filtered

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

blast from the past

probably i should start off my blogs of 2008 with some words to the wise or some resolutions or new beginnings. but i dont really make resolutions, at least not the " starting jan. 1 i am going to make my bed everyday" kind...mostly cause i do them for two weeks and then stop and then get depressed about not being able to finish them.

no probably i will come back to doing some happy 2008 blogs...but im starting with one about a blast from the past.

remember that game M.A.S.H.?

when you write lists of like three boys you want to marry and one nasty one, three cars you want to drive and then like a dog sled? i just got reminded of that game a few minutes ago, so if you are reading this find someone around you and play it...also think of some other random things that you haven't done in a while, or things you had wanted to do but never did...

like junior year of college i wanted so bad, so many different times just to skip out, not go to class and go to the beach for the day...but i never did. and thats dumb. life is too short. so i guess this is a little happy 2008 blog after all...be random. the random things are what build the best kinds of memories...and take a friend with you, because then you will have someone to laugh about it with down the road.