Friday, August 22, 2008

new look

it's learn about the world of fancy blogs...

see i have stuck with the same layout for a long time...the kind of layout that is the quick easy -pre made kind. i think i want to get into photography more and maybe even some graphic designing...i am being very inspired with a lot of blogs i have been researching at work...especially some of the mom bloggers.

it will probably take forever for me to get it underway and get it going...because god only knows getting home before nine...having time to eat dinner and depending on the night do a load of laundry, take the garbage out, put away the clean clothes, do the dishes (no disher it...that will be a luxury i will be happy to have again someday!), put the dishes away, clean the toiled, scrub the bathroom sink/mirror...yeah i hardly have any time...and mostly all i want to do is just lay and read a book when i am home and snuggle kitten...

so it may take a while to get this going...but im taking the first step...and changing the background of my blog...more changes to come...! stay tuned.

im off to bend to teach nwdc camp with durante...should be an adventure. cause with durante everythings an your excited for monday's blog.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

vera wang

meet vera wang.

we got her on sunday night ...sister and i did.

it took us 4 days to figure out her name...but we were committed to making the decision tonight because otherwise her name would have just ended up being kitty....

mostly we have a family cat name louis vuitton...we call him louis...pronounced "lewis"
so keeping in the family tradition of fancy names we decided to go with vera wang..."vera" for short.

and the plus side is that i like to talk about wangs so when she does bad stuff like begs for food...i will just say "wang NO!"

so welcome the world of fabulous bitchassness...little did you know that when you were adopted off that farm in oregon city from a mom that hunts mice in a field for a living --that you would be leaving to join a world where you wear fancy pearls, hunt mice that are only fake. and pink. and sparkly...and walk around like you are the shit with an awesome ass name like vera. cause if you are going to be my kitty you have to have a bad ass name.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


i have gone back and forth with thursdays for a long time...i remember the days about when i had piano lessons on thursdays...the thing is i love to play piano...i always have...but the other thing is piano lessons were basically equivalent to getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist...minus the nervous diarrhea...but painful nonetheless...

then i remember for a few years when i liked thursdays...thursdays meant thirsty thursday...take a shower, get all cute and fancy...then go to the smoky crap ass bar down the street to get your cute clean self smelling like spilled bottom shelf well vodka and pbr from a pitcher. but something about dancing till 2am on a school night with all of your friends...trying to walk through taco bell drive thrus (doesn't matter how many times you try...they never. ever...serve you. ever)...and deciding a buffet of chicken nuggets, home made nachos, and fruit snacks (the berry shaped kind from costco) on the floor in the living room is a better idea...means that thursday nights are actually quite fun.

well...i think i am back to thinking that thursdays really aren't the greatest day...something about wednesday is when they are over you are all like sweet made it halfway through the week...but the reality is thursday still comes and it isn't really friday yet but you feel like it should be friday...cause already the first part of the week is over...and when the first part is over basically the whole thing should be over...

whatever. mostly all i know is it is 445 and this is the office this afternoon.

me "hey jules...why do have that block of cheese on your desk?"
j "i dunno. i was gonna put it in the fridge but i forgot"
question. does cheese sitting on a desk all day long cause kashi if you decide to eat it the next day? (for those just being introduced to kashi...think fiber...mixed with prunes, dried apricots, metamucil, and probably a little raw hamburger that has some bacteria on it.)

recorder "duh.nuh ...duuuh.nuuuuh... duh.nuh... duh.nuh...DUH.NUH...DUUUUUH.NUUUH"
question. why is shark week only on once a year? pretty sure discovery needs to learn about making a shark month.

me "heather? heather? ......heeeather?"
question. where's heather?

as for me? 39 minutes...not that i am counting or anything.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

why i love them.

laker dancers...

i love them for many reasons. here are some.

1. they work hard. not just one of them...but all of them...and also they work hard every single practice (well most of them, hehe...but no, for reals...they do)...probably cause if they didn't they know what would happen...cuts and stuff... but mostly they work their little butts off...they run till they get naucious...they leap until they hit it perfect...they turn till they can't see straight...and then they do more things.

2. they choreography amazing things. that means that the routines they perform...were created by all of us...together. coaches and dancers. and we do amazing things.

3. their technique is amazing...even if i constantly yell at them and tell them they are not dancing on their toes, or high enough in releve, or have barf pointed toes...and make them do things a million times in a row...mostly they are the best technical team in all of the state...and i love them for that.

4. i love that i can push them and they don't get discouraged...a place the bar as high as i can reach and they try to not only grab it but fly over it.

5. they are dedicated. they ask for more practices...they ask to run (even though they hate it)...they ask for choreography sessions...they ask where to take class...they ask for private technique help...they are self motivators who want to be the best they can be...and i appreciate that more than they know.

and the reasons why i love them even more...

6. they like to take silly pictures.

7. they love disneyworld.

8. they love to give and get hugs

9. when someone is crying or frustrated everyone helps to make it better

10. they love each other like sisters and like to wear matching friendship bracelets

11. they love to eat...especially brunch...and pasta feeds

12. they love uggs, boots with the fur, apple bottom jeans, tshirts with the necks cut out, and old grandma night gowns

13. they love to look at themselves in the mirror

14. they love to text message

15. they love games, and races, and obstacle courses

16. they love to dance in the car, by the car...sometimes on the car

there will be many things to learn about them i am sure...but for now learn about denise work outs to boots with the fur, running in red white and blue, pyt, 8:08 of 8/8/08, dem jeans, medium awkward, ventriloquists abc's, and missy elliot...

meet them...they are awesome.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

hands in the ayyyer....

i guess the title is hands in the ayyyer cause that was the song that i heard 12 times when we were boating...but its whatever cause basically now anytime i hear that song i think of hard core water sporting...the kind of hard core that means cutting wakes, s.i.c.k. flipping, and dominating the river.

basically pictures say it lets recap.

this is danielle and i..

this is me with my hands in the ayer looking hard core i guess?

cause learn about these skills. i totally dominate...

i am totally cutting the wake even though it may look like it was about to cut me and i was about to eat shit... lets be real here...
only michael (brother) could jump the wake, and flip...

i looked retarded. and i was bad.

i'm also pretty sure she just rode around holding this up cause it was less effort to hold it up the whole time i was out there rather than putting it up and down for every time that i fell...

but just to be was my first time wake boarding! also i got up every single time (including the first) without falling...and the only time i did fall was when i was trying to get out of the wake and cut across to the other really i wasn't too horrible...and next time...i am going to just cut that shit so hard and jump as high as i can just to see how much air i will make for a good picture :) just wait for it.

one thing i was good at was eating these fish

and also d and i were good at tubing. we had it down to an art..."your side"..."YOUR SIDE PLEASE!" pretty sure the only times we went flying off was when our bottoms were around our knees...cause flying around with the chach hanging out ...kind of inappropriate...

this is danielle, she is really good at skiing.

catch up or something

well apparently my little game didn't go so well...that probably means no one reads my blog. sweet ha.

but whatever. i don't blame people cause something about me lately is i have been so freaking busy blog has been paying the price.

so in lue of my new resolution to stay on top of blogging i am going to work on also catching up...probably not on everything cause i am pretty sure even if i tired i wouldn't remember most of the stuff i have been doing there has been so much...i mean i remember the general stuff, but that's boring to write about...the good stuff is the random ass shit that happens in between all the fancy big events...

so the first catch up will be dedicated to the wild east.

i know the term is wild wild west...but we didn't go west, we went hood river...that is where my first ever camping trip took place.

but really, just to be honest...i probably shouldn't count it as my first real camping trip. i mean i slept in a tent. and there was dirt, and i didn't shower...for a day...but the tent was in a field...we peed in a house...we cooked in a kitchen...we ate on a a table...we rode ATVs from the house to the field where the tents were...which also meant that instead of trekking all our crap to the camp site we drove it there...but whatever...mostly all i know about is how i had to drink vodka sprite out of an empty beer bottle cause we didn't have basically that means camping to i peed in the grass once.

here are some pictures.

this was my view when i woke up :)

this is us driving on the ATV

more views...

there are also lots of other ones about the 17 wild turkeys we saw on the trail...what my hair looked like after sleeping a whole night in the wind storm of a tent...ones about setting up the tents...and others where i used the tent as a super man cape. but tara has those i working on getting them and when i do ...there will be a part two to this...

one thing i decided about camping in hood river though is that in my lifetime i will try kite boarding...because i learned about wake boarding this summer...(post still to come) and i learned about surfing this summer...learn about it in this post from when i went to hawaii. i basically loved doing both of those pretty sure i would like to learn about kite boarding...also i loved hood river...the town. and i bought the book twilight.

which i currently am not very far into...but i hear it is fabulous fantastic...and i will be taking it with me this weekend to the im sure i will be writing about that soon too.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

random saturdays in response to joels comment on my "favorite memory" is a long over due outline of what was random saturday night...

the theme - to be hella do random things, take shots at random bars, go ro random places, and basically walk around the entire downtown portland area.

we started at what used to be newport bay on the water front...well technically brett and i started at the jolly roger...a fancy little bar that you would probably expect to see in old vegas...hella bling. we made friends with a local/regular...whatev. it was kind of awesome...

anyway then we went to what used to be newport bay...long islands and fish tacos...totally delicious ha.

then we walked to pattys but on the walk we had to take some pictures.
one because brett had to pee

and going potty under the hawthorn bridge in a public bathroom is usually always a good idea...(skank ass nasty! eew i didnt even know there were public bathrooms under the hawthorn bridge!)

emily and i also saw lots of people swimming in that sick fountain on the water know, the one that looks cool but smells like ass..? pretty sure if you want stds, ecoli, hepetius, tb....that's the place you should go...i'm mean really...who says "ooh hey, its a sunny saturday evening lets go lay in the middle of the waterfront, play in that skank fountain and show everyone our love handles and fat rolls..." cute.

the picture isn't really about us...its really about those girls behind us...

anyway we saw fancy stuff...and it wasn't really the good kind of fancy stuff...
other fancy stuff that wasn't good?

naked bike parades.
"and after we are done playing in the disease infested fountains...lets go bike naked through the city...and have our wangs flapping around....for everyone, their dogs, their kids, their parents, their see..that's appropriate and not barf at all"

that required us to turn the evening into a pub crawl.

and mostly required us to take pictures on rainbow benches and do other awesome stuff

pretty sure i could write all day about random saturday, the people we saw, the drinks we drank, the places we went...but somethings are just better left unwritten about!

or left up to imaginations - stuff like hummus and skin swords and comacauzies and dixies and construction manzanas and duck farts and pleather skirts and taras dad.

thanks joel... definitely one of the favorite memorable events. :)

on a side note...this just reminds me...that i really need to stay on top of my blogging, its kind of sad really...cause i do so much random shit...its a shame not to write it all pledging to trying to catch up/stay on top...of this ridiculous world of mine. that i totally love.! cause it is fancy and fabulous and the word machete and cut and bitch is used alot in it...and those words are awesome, people should learn about them if they haven't yet...they make living lots more fun!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


so i am trying a game. i learned about it from a blog i sometimes, i was wondering how many people actually even read my blog...if any, ha and probably not many now cause my blog is probably pretty boring considering i hardly write on it! I am hoping that next week will mark a special week...a week were i am back into the world of blogging on a regular basis! but anyway...if you are a loyal reader and are checking hopes that i have posted SOMETHING? anything...? here it is...and here are the rules.

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you, promise. and you will probably love it too. cause i'll remember the good kinds of memories...the kinds when once when we were little and i was with you and sister at the playground and you pooped your pants and i made you go down the slide cause that's what older sisters are suppose to do when you are little. play the game cause probably it's fun :)