Wednesday, September 26, 2007

somedays animal rights.

my work is so random. sometimes i take silly pictures with my co-workers at the oregon state fair while eating elephant ears, sometimes i drink beer with tv reporters, sometimes i go shopping for office beautification, and sometimes i write about the suburban auto group saving owls...

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in summary, an employee at suburban auto group on his day off was chilling around his house when he noticed a great horned owl stuck in some barbed wire that fenced the auto group (he lives across from his work...that's already kinda weird...and why he was looking at his work...i don't even know, but whatever.) he saw an owl...he knew his co-worker dennis supposedly knows a lot about animals so he went over and told dennis. dennis grabbed some gloves and a towel and went and untangled the owl. they took him to the audobon society who then informed the men that barbed wire injuries were the worst for birds due to resulting infections, fortunately however they were able to nurse the bird back to health. and now the owl is being released tomorrow at 5:00 p.m in the back field (its best to release the owls where you find them i guess) and i had to write a release about it.

don't get me wrong i love animals. i have three cats and a dog. and once i had 31 goldfish i had won at my elementary school fair. but when heather told me about it i kind of started to laugh...and she started laughing to and this is what i wrote.

september 27, 2007

media contact: heather stammer, r-west,


come and experience with suburban auto group the release of portland’s newest little friend back into the wild today at 5:00 p.m.

sandy, ore., - two suburban auto group employees recently found and rescued a big great horned owl that was caught in the barbed wire fence surrounding the perimeter of the suburban auto group off of highway 26 in sandy, oregon. with gloves and a blanket the two men were able to free the bird and take it to the audubon society were the wounds were treated. barbed wire fence injuries are said to be some of the worst injuries a bird can have due to resulting infections. fortunately the owl was nursed back to a full recovery and will be released back into the wild.

when: today - thursday, september 27, 2007 at 5:00 p.m.

where: the backfield of the suburban auto group located at 36936 highway 26, sandy, oregon, 97055."

we edited the release before we sent it, "tightened" it up a little bit...but sean said we should have sent the original one out...and next time we very well might because according to heather,

"nobody will fucking drive to sandy oregon in rush hour traffic for this anyway...i guarantee you"

Monday, September 24, 2007

lots of minutes...

i have a lot of things to blog about. mostly because i went on a fun road trip this weekend. but this blog isn't going to be about the trip, its just a side note about something i experienced on the trip...i will hold off and write about the trip maybe tomorrow or later today because i have pictures i want to upload and they are not with me at work right this is just a side note because it deserved its own entry.

i was in kennewick, wa this past weekend with jill...i got to meet the whole huge family she has (nothing shy of a total blast! it was great fun!) however to preface this enty i will say that if you are reading this...and don't already know, jill was raised mormon...she's not mormon anymore and neither are about half of her 8 siblings....however saturday morning while we were sitting and watching her little brother adam's soccer game jill's mom asked us about our plans and when we were going to visit jill's grandma. they talked about it for a few minutes, jill convinced her younger sister gina to come with us...but then leaned over to me and whispered that she hoped her mom wouldn't come with us because then we could stop at starbucks and get breakfast...(we were starving) i smiled and said yeah sounds bomb.

her mom didn't come with us so we got to go to starbucks. gina suggested mcdonalds for parfaits since she doesn't really like starbucks cause she can drink anything...but we outvoted her...only that was dumb because after we waited in the starbucks drive through line for a good 20 minutes we got to the window and learned that in kennewick starbucks won't have breakfast sandwiches or yogurt parfaits until april...that's kind of a lot of minutes to wait for breakfast and we were preeeeety we got two coffees and a water (for gina) and went to mcdonalds for breakfast.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

another new first...

i have a feeling this year i will be experiencing a lot of new "firsts" and i like that. after graduating from college a door to a whole new world opened and it has been filled with nothing shy of amazing new experiences, lessons, challenges, memories and people...

i have never been a lover of change...but for the first time in my life i am starting to understand how important change really is...and starting to see that change can be (though sometimes scary and hard) one of the most best and important gifts that god can give.

last night i had another new first...i taught my very own class ever at vegadance+lab. intermediate hip hop. i was nervous...i couldn't find the volume controls...i forgot part of my routine (soon remembered it...but definitely forgot it for a second...a very loooong second)...i messed up more than once when doing it with music...but i had 7 students...and it was perfect :)

evie, jill and allie all told me it was awesome and one of my students even came up to ask me at what point in the music i started the routine at so she could go home and practice :)

i think i am going to love being a teacher.

so if you want to come experience my first, second class...come! 7:30 next wednesday...i'm teaching a pretty kick ass dance to justin's lovestoned.

change is good...and im blessed to have amazing people in my life to support me and encourage me to share my talents with others.

work hard...

i almost feel boring...because half of my blogs (or more than half actually) are starting to be about work...that's totally lame...but i work all day so that is what most of my life is full

plus at times i feel justified in blogging about work because generally my work has some pretty awesome things that happen to make it blogg-able! (or at least i think so)

for example...yesterday i had to work really hard and go drink beer at bridgeport brewery...see? yeah...that's hard work...and because it is such hard work it needs to be blogged about...
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this is me...
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this is what i was drinking...

bridgeport is launching a new 22-oz seasonal ale and bottling took place yesterday so heather and i had to go meet people like portland tribune and kgw and stuff because we had to let people make tv and take pictures of
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so when you are shopping around safeway or new seasons or zupans or whole foods...and you see some of this hop harvest can think of me...and how i had to do really hard work to make sure it got good pr so people like you could go buy it!

yesterday's work day couldn't pass without a blog
...because really who drinks while working ...who takes shots of patron during their first week on the job (at random lunch wednesday...courtesy of sean) and then goes to meet with clients, run an event, and organize media coverage all while drinking a beer? yup, probably the company that has a dozen fifths of tequila, vodka, rum and gin sitting on the fridge in the lunch room.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007're it

i'm a lover of games...a big lover of games...and i always have been...

one of my all time classics is monopoly...i remember the day i first played it, summer rec when i was seven...i used to go to this summer day camp thing that really was like a daycare but i used to beg my mom to go because i loved it so i always just considered it camp...i played serious monopoly even so monopoly obsessed that i will binge on fastfood (which i never ever eat...) when mcdonalds brings around its monopoly game.

i play poker, catch phrase, taboo, pictionary, clue, sorry...basically any game i will play it...and love it.

my latest games include drinking games...and not the typical beerpong/king's cup drinking game...gross, no i play the kind of drinking games that come with being out and about in the city with your if you haven't tried them

1. "your team" - to play this game you have to be with at least one other person and you yell "your team" before the other players when you see a nasty ass walking down the street, or an ugly hooker, or a guy dressed like elvis walking out of powells.

2. really no name for this game but its equally as amazing - you pick a word (or three words...) and for each word you choreograph a dance in the case of sataurday night...the chosen words for girls night included: drink (the movement was a head twist to the left - that looked somewhat like a tick), bitch (caused everyone to snap their right arm straight up into the air), and sexy (when everyone drops it like its hot)...basically this game is kick ass because when the waitress comes and asks if she can bring anyone another drink we all twist our necks to the left, it looks really good.

try these games...they're fun.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

"You're Place Looks...Interesting"

yeah that's what sean (the big boss guy at my work) told me about five minutes ago when he came into my office...

um totally rude.

i'll tell you why it looks looks interesting because there are shreds of k/crinkle paper on the ground, bits of dried hops, a bag of dead lavender, empty cardboard boxes, a stamp pad and piles of green envelopes...and now i will tell you why it is all's there because two of our clients decided it would be a good idea to have invites go out to events on the same day...the same day that heather (my go-to for EVERYTHING/boss/and awesome partner in crime) is gone, the day that john (the go to guy for bridgeport) is gone...and also the day that, well whatever...i can't think of another also but it was a stressful day and it needed to have another also so i'm just putting it in...

anyway, i stuffed hops , k/crinkle paper, and invites into 107 boxes that i stamped with bridgeport logos, made 30 invites with hand crafted lavender bundles for le tour des plants, printed off tons of mailing address labels, and i stamped, stuffed, and sealed 400 paper envelopes (ok...lying...because evie and jill were in the neighborhood, knew i was having such a blast up here and both became virgin mary miracle angels of swine wrapped 6lb can't even speak a word baby jesus,' and helped me seal and stuff the envelopes...not enough thanks for them because at the end of yesterday i was about ready to rip out my hair). but honestly one human could never have done it themselves...i can't even think of good words to describe yesterday's day that would even begin to make a dent into the craziness of it...our messenger service alone was enough to drive a person crazy as over a dozen different individuals came in to collect a few boxes here a few boxes there to slowly deplete the pile of 47 million boxes and disperse them to random locations around portland...while i am on the topic of spitting out thanks to friends, i owe huge thank yous to our front desk worker who i self proclaimed as my personal assistant for the day...she was awesome and kindly made my labels and packaged my fed-ex deliveries for me as i ran between delivery dudes, envelopes, and phone calls.

this was my work
le tour des plant invites:
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bridgeport boxes:
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and im dumb and forgot to take a picture of the envelopes because that was the best sight ever...(think 400 green envelopes scattered EVERYWHERE) but whatever cause i was totally over them...power to the tillamook cheese assembly line workers because if i had to stand and do the same thing all day everyday 400 times in a row my 401st slice would not be on the block of would be in my eye balls due to insanity.

i did good work my office can just look interesting i'm over it.

what i do...

when i am not working, sleeping, babysitting, or eating...there is only one thing i am ever doing...dancing.

i don't normally blog about this type of thing. for those who read my regular blogs mostly i talk about random shit that happens to me or how crazy my family is or whatever...i don't normally make a big scene about cool things happening in my life...i tell when i am asked but that's about as far as i go...i think because i don't normally think i have cool sutff to share...but today, cool or not...i'm sharing...because i'm excited...and this is my whatever...

anyway...i'll be short about it...
first exciting thing to share...
this is me
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in case you don't know what i look like...and in case you don't know what this is me auditioning for lumberjax...and in case you didn't hear...i totally made it (and i'm totally proud of myself)

second exciting thing to share...
this is the white board at vega
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in case you can't read (and if you can't read you probably shouldn't be looking at blog sites but whatever), in case you can't says i have my own class at vegadance+lab...and in case you didn't know it is my first time having my very own class (and i'm totally proud of this too.)

the end :)