Wednesday, November 28, 2007



that is the only way to describe so you think you can dance tour. seriously, the best of my life! so so so good! i went last night. i went with jill, sister, morgan, and katie mitchel. it was incredible.

every single dance i had hoped to see was danced in front of me, live! humming bird/flower, sweetdreams table dance, lacey and dannys samba (or whatever...that was pretty much awesome fabulous), and holy crap my very most favorite mia's "dancing" routine with kameron and lacey, gosh everything i could name every single dance and say that i loved it cause everything was just that fantastic! it was as awesome if not more awesome than i had anticipated. the only thing that would have made it more awesome was if the sweatshirts were not more dollars than my ticket...but i'll live. mostly i just kept thinking it sucks that i can't re watch the dances today on you tube...i decided that next year they should give dvds of the show out to every ticket holder so you can rewatch it everyday, because i am currently having with drawls.

with drawls to the point of as soon as i hit "publish post" button i will probably go look up where their next city is...calculate mileage and ticket pricing and see if it is doable to follow them and watch it again tonight.

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