Tuesday, January 22, 2008

what started it all...

i was just thinking about how i wish i had more time to do blogging...i feel like my life has so many crazy stories that i dont have time to keep up with writing them all down...

and that kind of makes me sad because mostly going back and reading my old blogs cracks me up...its like when you go back and look at journals from when you were 12 and wrote stuff like "dear diary, today i woke up...went to school...it was boring...came home watched 7th heaven, ate a snack and went to bed...sorry this was so short i will just write more tomorrow. love, kendall" haha --i know i am not the only person that has written in a diary like this. fortunately my writing has become a little more interesting to read...mostly cause that is what i do for a living, write about stuff...events...news, etc. so now when i go back and read old blogs they are actually interesting and most of the time i just start laughing cause it reminds me of the crazy stuff i've done.

so if you are bored and feel like doing some extra reading...you can take a trip down my memory lane...to my first blog site...and what started it all...my study abroad trip to europe.

my first blog

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