Wednesday, September 24, 2008

my laker girls

so if i am not at the office...and not at home could probably make money on the fact that i am out at my other home in lake oswego...

doing what i love most of all...coaching my amazing and beyond talented favorite girls - the laker dancers.

these girls can sometimes drive me so crazy that if i didn't love having hair so much probably i would rip it fact i had a dream last night about them and the part i remember most vivid was rolling on my stomach in the middle of the gym and pounding my fists screaming and i was two or something...i'm not sure why but i have a feeling it is something to do with the stress level i am at in preparing for friday nights game - i have no doubt that they will be nothing shy of fabulous (because they totally are...) it just takes lots of work to get them to fabulous :) at any rate, though they can drive me crazy i love them all to pieces.

i'm pretty sure i can't imagine my life without them, nor would i want to. they teach me patience, they teach me how i must force myself to relax and laugh once in a while when stressed out, they teach me that a hug and a smile can fix almost anything, they teach me tolerance, they teach me compassion, they teach me the importance of getting to know someone and learning how different people respond to different things, they have taught me how to cut music, how to side braid, how its cool to wear hannah anderson striped pants with your uggs.

they make me laugh. they make me cry. they make me want to be a better person so that they have someone to look up to or turn to if they need help.

we have our second game coming up in two days. i am nervous for it. but very excited. they danced their first game two weeks ago and they were awesome.

i am pretty sure i have found one of the things i was meant to spend my life doing...

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