Monday, February 16, 2009

the new look

so i haven't blogged much about the cat lately. little vera is not so little anymore...i mean she isn't huge or anything shes skinny wild and crazy as ever...and the fact that she must run everywhere rather than walk is probably part of what keeps her skinny ass so thin...she's good.

however this blog isn't about her. this blog is about my other cat. bella. i got bella when i was a freshman in college. however i got her when i lived in the dorms so she she had to live at home with my parents for a while. the plan was that she would move in with me when i finally got a place of my own, however she ended up being a really weird cat with slight mental issues. we were all afraid that if we uprooted her from the comfort of what is under my old bed at my parents house and move her not only out of the bedroom but out of the house completely and into an entirely new place she may just convulse out of nervousness and fall over dead. so we decided it was probably best just to leave her...and my mom and dad didn't mind too much considering they maybe see her once every other week when she slinks to the laundry room to eat a bite of food or the once-a-month my mother digs her out from under the bed to go to her grooming appointment. see the thing is bella is a white persian cat. she has lots of hair. lots of thick white cotton fluffy hair. that mats. hard core. nonetheless it was time for her grooming...normally when the cats go get groomed they come back looking gorgeous luscious...smelling fabulous with whispy flowing fluff fur...well this time not so much.

mom went to pick up the cats and this is what happened to bella.

she got shaved. she hates it...runs around with her tail between her legs and shivers like someone through her naked ass out into the middle of arctic blast 2008. but personally i think she looks awesome! not only does she look like she's wearing white uggs...but now when you hold her you don't get covered in eight inch long white hairs. she may have to get used to the new look. it may be a permanent one.

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