Thursday, April 16, 2009

why her last name is wang

vera got her chach sewed up yesterday. no babies for her!

we have been putting it off for a while...only cause we knew it would be such a pain in the ass for multiple reasons. mostly money, oh and the lil wayne concert (had to cancel and reschedule her surgery for that of course) but also cause vera is high maintenance...(i have no idea where she got that from) and we figured something simple that most cats just deal with no-problemo would be an issue for her. we were right.

it started tuesday night at 10pm when i had to take away her food and water. she ate a snack at 9:45 i gave her some fresh water, she took a couple sips than ran off grabbed her teal cheetah mouse with the black sparkle feathers and went into my room. so i put her food in the black cabinet where we store her litter and things. on top of the black cabinet is a bag of wisker likings and some small brown paper bags - {lunch bags}. not five minutes after i picked up her food was she over there scratching at the door then up on the shelf chewing on the wisker likings bag. she doesn't even really like them all that much. half the time she puts them in her mouth than leaves them on the rug. so this behavior was out of the ordinary. and anytime i would go over there to get her off she would just bite me then run to the door of the cabinet and scratch again. this went on for about an hour, until i went to bed. the next morning when i walked to the shower all of the brown little lunch bags where scattered everywhere. awesome.

dropped her off at the vet, she wasn't happy at all about this. i worried about her all day of course until i picked her up at 5:45. the vet said she did excellent. however the second she woke up and could see straight enough to notice the bandaid on her paw where they had put the iv in her she ripped it off...but that wasn't a problem. they gave me some antibotics, and several instructions - non of which were relating to licking of the wound. so asked about that. they said "oh yeah, no licking, however cats hardly ever lick...unless for some reason they are obsessive compulsive cleaners...its normally just the dogs that have a problem. but if for some odd reason she does lick you will need to get a cone for her neck." i was all like, hmm ok...well that's good then i won't worry about it...and off we went

we got home - and as soon as i opened vera's kennel she went from greasy, tired, worn out baby to perky, energetic, "thank god i am home and out of that skank ass joint" cat that ran straight to her food to make sure it was out of the cupboard to an immediate obsessive compulsive cleaner that wouldn't stop liking her stitches if someone where to put a buffet of fresh salmon and a costco kirkland chicken in front of her face.

basically she went nuts...and acted as if her sole purpose in life was to lick off those stitches. so of course not five seconds after i was home i was back in the car off to hunt down a cat cone.

there isn't one thing about this thing that she likes. but it does keep her from licking...poor girl, i do feel was a rough day for us yesterday.

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