Monday, June 11, 2007

Take Two... we're going to try this again...

last summer i started blogging but on xanga...i set it up to follow my wild adventures through europe...which were probably more eventful than what my adventures will be here in portland but i've decided it's totally about how you write can make anything exciting and most of the time random things are always happening to me i'm sure i can find plenty to write about...i suppose what i should be most worried about is staying up to date! i get so busy that i forget! but we're going to make another attempt at this...and i'll do my best!

current mood: slightly bored.

location: my desk at work.

my morning consisted of: woke up really early probably like six...i didn't look at the clock but it was just starting to get light in my room...i was angry about it because i woke up to my stupid smoke detector beeping over my head every like 10 minutes. the first couple times i ignored it cause i was so tired but then i was like "this is hella annoying!" cause i started to anticipate the i got up on my bed and pushed the buttons and it made a rediculous loud loooong scretch...and then it stopped so i layed back down and went back to sleep but then it beeped like seven, just once though...and i couldn't go back to sleep so i got up and got ready...made some peanut butter toast and went to i'm here watching you tube videos on paris hilton getting bashed by sarah silverman on mtv movie awards and setting up this blog site. be jealous of my job...some days its very strenuous...I usually have lots of important myspace messaging to do and that can get stressful.

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