Monday, September 24, 2007

lots of minutes...

i have a lot of things to blog about. mostly because i went on a fun road trip this weekend. but this blog isn't going to be about the trip, its just a side note about something i experienced on the trip...i will hold off and write about the trip maybe tomorrow or later today because i have pictures i want to upload and they are not with me at work right this is just a side note because it deserved its own entry.

i was in kennewick, wa this past weekend with jill...i got to meet the whole huge family she has (nothing shy of a total blast! it was great fun!) however to preface this enty i will say that if you are reading this...and don't already know, jill was raised mormon...she's not mormon anymore and neither are about half of her 8 siblings....however saturday morning while we were sitting and watching her little brother adam's soccer game jill's mom asked us about our plans and when we were going to visit jill's grandma. they talked about it for a few minutes, jill convinced her younger sister gina to come with us...but then leaned over to me and whispered that she hoped her mom wouldn't come with us because then we could stop at starbucks and get breakfast...(we were starving) i smiled and said yeah sounds bomb.

her mom didn't come with us so we got to go to starbucks. gina suggested mcdonalds for parfaits since she doesn't really like starbucks cause she can drink anything...but we outvoted her...only that was dumb because after we waited in the starbucks drive through line for a good 20 minutes we got to the window and learned that in kennewick starbucks won't have breakfast sandwiches or yogurt parfaits until april...that's kind of a lot of minutes to wait for breakfast and we were preeeeety we got two coffees and a water (for gina) and went to mcdonalds for breakfast.

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