Thursday, September 20, 2007

another new first...

i have a feeling this year i will be experiencing a lot of new "firsts" and i like that. after graduating from college a door to a whole new world opened and it has been filled with nothing shy of amazing new experiences, lessons, challenges, memories and people...

i have never been a lover of change...but for the first time in my life i am starting to understand how important change really is...and starting to see that change can be (though sometimes scary and hard) one of the most best and important gifts that god can give.

last night i had another new first...i taught my very own class ever at vegadance+lab. intermediate hip hop. i was nervous...i couldn't find the volume controls...i forgot part of my routine (soon remembered it...but definitely forgot it for a second...a very loooong second)...i messed up more than once when doing it with music...but i had 7 students...and it was perfect :)

evie, jill and allie all told me it was awesome and one of my students even came up to ask me at what point in the music i started the routine at so she could go home and practice :)

i think i am going to love being a teacher.

so if you want to come experience my first, second class...come! 7:30 next wednesday...i'm teaching a pretty kick ass dance to justin's lovestoned.

change is good...and im blessed to have amazing people in my life to support me and encourage me to share my talents with others.

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