Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the difference a week can make...

last tuesday=death.

today's tuesday=dream.

so same day of the week only this tuesday my work day has been awesome and amazing. today is officially an awesome day! (actually its been a good week so far...hopefully it will stay great! there is no reason it shouldn't so im pretty sure it will...) i got a full and awesome nights sleep last night (none of that 4am rise and shine greatness that was experienced last week) i got to work did a couple small tasks until heather asked...
h-"what are your plans today?"
h-"well how would you feel if we went on a mission?"
k-"i think i love missions..."
h-"well its a secret one, cause i don't want to hear about it from sean...but i think it should be a personal day...how about i treat us to manis/pedis?"
k-"um YEAH! ok! i love that...secret missions are my favorite!"

so heather and i left the office at 11:15 went and got manis/pedis from my new favorite nail place, because it was awesome and they gave awesome messages and i don't know it's name other wise i would share but im going back so when i do i will write about it's name. it was great.

then we went to lunch...also great, and a cute little deli/bistro place right near the office! we sat outside in the 70 degree weather (that has amazingly brightened portland this week)

today = awesome.

and i have cute toes. every tuesday should be secret mission day.

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