Monday, November 5, 2007

today is monday

to kick off the start of a week that i am anticipating to be busy busy at work today's first project of the day was to pick up the bread from franz bakery we would be using in our media mailers to boise, id.

me-"oh sure picking up the bread monday morning is no big deal at all!"
reality...47 crates of bread in my yellow groovy bug was kind of a big deal. see these are the breads...

there were lots! even if it doesn't look like lots...cramming all of the the awkwardly, over sized crates into my car...took some serious organizational power...needless to say they all made it in...and though it was a little weird feeling to be driving down the street with a crate of donuts on my dashboard, it was better than buying 28 crunchy peanut butter and 15 strawberry jellies from the hollywood fred meyer like friday's adventure...that was a little questionable, and i'm sure the checker-outer girl thought the same thing.

however i did find this book hanging on the fence while unloading the bread outside my office...

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