Tuesday, October 16, 2007

one of my best days ever, part 1.

it is 10:39 currently...in the morning...though my body is feeling more like it is night time...mixed with being hit by a bus..this morning bridgeport brewery was on tv...not just any tv...but good day oregon, on fox. the whole segment...the whole segment that starts at 5:30 a.m. BOMB!!!! word bitches and hoes...that's right! i was kickin it with the kegs at 5:30 this morning. so because i have been up since 4 i am therefore tired.

but here are some things i needed to write about. first, there are ALOT of cars on the road at five am, who knew? and what are people doing out that early anyway!? seriously.. i had to convince myself i wasn't on my way to europe, or mexico, or some other trip because i think the only time i am ever up that early is if i have to catch a plane to some place far...so i kept feeling like i was going to the airport. second, i have developed a new love and passion for coffee...i never used to drink coffee but since i started working, i started drinking it, and now i love it because without it i would have not been in a good way AT ALL! trust me i am having issues enough staying on top of (i will blog about the experience proving my tiredness in a minute), and im already on my second latte. third, this machine
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used for measuring oxygen in beer bottles costs $11,000. and i learned that during the segment we did in the test lab.

mostly it was a good experience, because i got to share in some serious bonding over the sunrise with heather, john, and some awesome bridgeport employees.

also i get off in 45 minutes. and that's the best news all day (except i go to the crotch doctor and that means this day definitely qualifies as one of my best days ever.)

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