Tuesday, October 9, 2007

why i talk shit...and am ok with it...

i am a nice girl...ok, well not all the time...but generally. generally i am a nice girl. i spend time with my family, i value and respect good friendships, i work hard at my job, i always show up when i say i will be somewhere (or give ample warning if i can not make it).

there is one small thing however that i have a habit of doing...that isn't always what i would justify as nice...sometimes, well actually lots of times...(if we are going to be honest we might as well go full out about it)...i say mean things about people who are nasty. i make fun of ugly hair, i make fun of bad outfits, i even sometimes make fun of peoples faces (that is the meanest of them all, i know!) but before you go judging me...take into consideration the types of people that walk down the street.

prime example:
jill and i were driving down nw 23rd and saw this...
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YEAH i know right!? wtf? halloween is not today...halloween is in like 3 more weeks...and so that means your super hero suit is not ok. it is not cute, it will never be cute, and so don't wear it shopping on 23rd.

i just don't understand 12 foot mow hawks, 47 face piercings, 12inch black platform pattin leather stiletto hooker boots (yup i saw those on a girl looking at the clearance rack out side of red light on hawthorn), wearing the same shirt but in a different color as your 31 year old indian (like from india kind...not eastern oregon dessert casino kind) twin sister (saw this too...in f21 it was a bejeweled under the bust line halter top with a tie in the back...one was barf enough...but matching was sick)...so don't judge me for judging...green shiny tights with pink plastic super woman boots are allowed to be made fun of.

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