Friday, November 9, 2007


ok. i don't get it. cars that are skank driving down the road...seriously? because number one, unsafe, number two gross, and number three...well i dont know but there should be a rule about driving a black smoke making, bullet hole filled, ceiling fabric dangling, side mirror hanging, bumper missing, hub cab jiggling, orange spray painted mercedes on the freeway.. it is not safe. also its not safe to be driving with science goggles on your face...if your gonna drive that least dont block your eyes so you can see what's going on...probably it would be best to be alert to all things around you when driving such crap.

mostly heather and i were driving back from a lunch meeting yesterday and were afraid for our lives if we were to pass this dump in case the hub cap were to come flying off and hit the side of the car...the back bumper were to come soaring into the windshield...that or the driver whipping out his riffle and shoot he accidentally shot his car 47 times...


take a look...cause probably its not the best picture, but you will get the idea...

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