Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas part 2.5

one time last year i was at washington square mall's nordstrom and i saw a pair of shoes i thought were cute. not cute enough to buy...but at the time, definitely caught my eye...

one time about a month ago i was at the post office by my work and was mailing a package...i went during lunch time so the line was 47 people deep and swilry around those velvet ropes held up by poles...you know so lines swivle back and forth...the woman behind me was dressed like she was born in rei lives on granola and drinks only water from a dark grey nalgine connected to her tiva sandles by one of those metal carabiners...the man in front of me lives somewhere between hawthorne and belmont, listens to music from music millennium, drinks his coffee at places where he can listen to poetry being read and apparently buys his shoes from brass plum.

the woman behind me - "those are great shoes, where did you find them?"
guy in front of me - "well i should say europe, but to be honest they are women's shoes from nordstroms."
me - (in my head) "haha those are those shoes that i once almost bought."

one time last weekend i was at nordstroms doing christmas shopping and i saw the shoes...so apparently it was time to blog about it.

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