Thursday, February 28, 2008

absolutely necessary...

reallly? really. seriously? is it absolutely necessary to really have this many?

the office smells like mint. heather's car smells like mint. my hands smell like mint. my hair and clothes are infused with it and i'm pretty certain i have never seen so many altoids in one place at one time.

just another typical day at the office...

meaning " this random job...don't ask what it's for...don't ask for instructions...don't ask where to go, what to do, how much, when, where, what, why...just get me 400 tins of altoids to fill those pill bottles you ordered and it will be fine."

...oh sure! no problem...let me just go to every store in the portland area to collect every tin of altoid that has been shipped into this state in the last year. oh it's fine. don't worry about me. it's all good. all under control. it's not a problem at all! fabulous. loving it...and totally obsessed.

( what seriously? ...necessary?)


mission accomplished.

mostly i just laugh these days...because it's basically comedy.

when people ask what i do for a living i just say..."drink beer, try on xxl basketball clothes from niketown, and buy altoids...sometimes i do public relations on the side."

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