Wednesday, March 5, 2008


i was just going to title this post wack...but that word seemed kind of ick...and then i thought about giving it a whole different title, but something about wack is that it was kind of the theme of yesterday around the office and i said that when i finally blogged about the end result of the altoid extravaganza i would title it wack. so that's what im doing...i just added a ssshhh on it so it wouldn't sound as nasty by itself.

anyway the whole office basically ended up getting involved in this thing...cause it was kind of an ordeal.

it started with me running around to buy 200 more tins of altoids (as if 400 wasn't enough) proof...check out the receipt...

it continued with me running around buying 300 boxes to distribute each bottle in (mind you my car is TINY so it took more skills than i had anticipated...) the kind of skills that basically involve shoving large things into tiny spaces...look.

basically when i shut my eyes at night, images of these flashed through my head...

i'm over it. for the next two weeks i will be living and breathing laker dancers...which is much better than mint dust in my opinion.

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