Friday, February 22, 2008

baggy sweat pants...and the nikes with the strap...

the difference a week can make in my world of work is basically like this.

one week ago i had already been up for 11 hours. i had already been working for 10 hours and was tired, gross, nasty and totally over it.

this week i have been up for 7 hours. worked for 5 hours...and half of those hours were spent doing shopping, dress-up, and important lunching. basically much better...much more fun...and pretty much why my job kind of kicks ass...

meet heather. my boss. well actually i think you have already met heather...but not this heather...this heather is what we call...i think..."ballllliiiiinnnn..." (or whatever. basically just a white skinny kid dressed like he wants to be in a gang, wears ice chips on his ear and puts on grillz before cruising around the town in a pimped out low riding cadillac)...heather and i played dress up with the $600 worth of nike clothes i had to buy today for a video shoot. we are fancy. and gorgeous.

i'm pretty sure a rule should exist that probably every friday should be like this.

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