Monday, February 18, 2008

...all is well...

saturday i did something awesome. i went and slept in my old dorm room...kenna hall. from sophomore about blast from the past...random? kind of...but actually not totally cause something weird is that my sister has my old dorm room! (that...i would consider to be the random part.)

anyway we had sister/girl/party/sleepover night. we hung out. laughed. snuggled. watched a movie. played with hair. went to dinner. bought hella junk food at fred meyer. it was glorious fun. sometimes a little sister time is the best medicine for life.

one thing about that night...
we are going to play a game...look at this picture.

click on will get bigger.
now the game goes like this... guess which side of the little divider bar was ours. (sorry that the picture is also missing the cupcakes, peach pie, corn chips that go with that 5 layer dip, the veggie platter and the sweet tart gummy rabbits.

if you guessed the 39 cans of dog food ... ummmmm...yeeee-ahhh.. uh, you're right!(?) good job.

the other thing i needed to show about is this...

they are addicting...hilarious. and fabulous...make some.

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