Friday, February 8, 2008

a random list of things

i feel like a blog slacker...but somehow the past couple weeks have just gotten away from i was gone the end of last week through monday...doing the most fabulous trip of my life...florida.nationals.lakeoswegodanceteam.the best ever!

so i to rehash back into my world of blogging i am making a random list of things i love.

1. laughing
2. taking pictures with silly hats
3. rubix cubes
4. starbucks
5. eating dinner out
6. my lake oswego dancers
7. smuggling
8. baths
9. lois and clark the new adventures of superman. if you dont know about this show become obsessed.
10. text messaging
11. getting my hair cut and colored
12. new jeans
13. my black uggs
14. dancing
15. mascara
16. my teddy bear and my pig
17. music
18. air conditioning in the summer
19. space heaters in the winter
20. the dead silence on the top of the mountain right before you ski down
21. laying in the sun
22. city lights at night
23. gummy candy
24. my baby grand piano i got for graduation
25. socks
26. french tips on my toes
27. my sister
28. smoothies
29. facebook
30. my family
31. my friendship bracelete with the laker dancers
32. vegas

i think i love lots of things. those are just some i felt like sharing :)

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