Monday, February 11, 2008

my new skill

if you know me you know i like to learn new things. something also is that when i start new things...i get obsessed. like think, breath, live and dream about them. last night i dreamt about pink, white, yellow, green, teal, and purple. and yes, it was kind of creepy. it kind of reminded me of that disney movie fantasia. i haven't seen it in a long time i just remember there being lots of weird swirling colors that kind of annoyed me.

anyway i dreamt about those colors...and if you don't know what those make probably you should learn about it. they make rubix. and rubix is my new obsession. i have been working on it for about three weeks now...and get ready...are you ready? cause this is big. like kind of huge...its official. yesterday i solved it, by myself, i solved the rubix cube for the very.first.time! mind you i was taught, by a very awesome teacher. her name is danielle (she dances on laker dancers) and she has patiently helped me to learn the rightdown.twistback.rightup.twistback.frontdown.doubletwistforward.frontup.twistforward.rightdown.twistback.rightup...movements of the rubix.

anyway, this annoying little box has been worked on for countless hours in florida, airports, my office, dance practice, room, car and im certain a number of other locations...and deep breath? i'm finished! it was exhilarating. love it. obsessed.

and even more impressive my record time is 4 minutes 52 seconds. i know right? that's like something only those smart, school loving, violin playing, differential equation solving, glasses and cardigan sweater wearing asians could solve. so i'm proud. (also i was just thinking that if someone where to read about me on paper...i'm kind of gross. here is what they would know. history major, theology minor, plays piano, solves rubix cube, and wears socks with high heels....ha cool. actually, im kind of surprised i have friends haha...anyway i'm over it. rubix is awesome and so are socks with high heels.)

here look at it. it's gorgeous beautiful.

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PDX PR Chick said...

i am speechless and so proud of you!! wow.