Sunday, March 23, 2008

the goodness that is spring.

today is easter. and something i love about easter are the colors...pinks, yellows, blues, spring grassy green...there are flowers and bunnies and eggs and i happen to love everything about it because it is just so spring. and with spring means sun...and even though it is rainy outside i look around inside and everything is bright, cheery, sweet, fun and cute.

today's easter isn't exactly a normal easter for me. but i am ok with that because today's activities are special in and of themselves. i have spent the whole morning cooking and baking and playing with my family. i made tea. i made cupcakes. i made cookies. i have sampled too many of the deviled eggs my sister and mom have been making to insure that they were "satisfactory enough" for the guests coming today. i have played little girl and snuggled a little easter bunny that the big "easter bunny" brought for me (which by the way is adorable and from the brand "bunnies by the bay" learn about them and find some cause their fur is amazing soft...they make bath robes and i want to look into that) thus far, today's easter has been perfect, relaxing and delicious. i am loving it.

take a peak at some of the gorgeousness that has been today.

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