Wednesday, March 19, 2008


barf is one of my new favorite words. i also enjoy when i hear others around me say's pretty much hilarious and makes everything that is nasty... funny, and therefore theory on life is, if you can find humor in the gross annoying crap then life will be a whole lot more fun...

examples - make fun of diarrhea, wear knee pads and a sign that says "that's right bitches...sometimes i fall down the jealous," when you call someone by the wrong name laugh at them and be like "silly...i know your REAL need to correct...its just a barf name and so i decided to call you something cuter"

however...there are still those remaining few things that really just can't be made fun of...cause they are legitimately barf...and there is no escaping them. one of those things is soy yogurt.
if you see this on store word. RUN

this shit is for reals...nasty.
when something looks like barf, smells like barf, has the color of barf...learn about it tasting like barf before actually putting it in your mouth. n.aaaas.ty.
according to "skinny bitch" this amazingly hilarious book on healthy products are better for your body and easier to digest...i have been eating soy milk with my cereal in the morning and actually i enjoy soy is suppose to be good for your skin...but soy yogurt? thanks.

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