Monday, March 31, 2008


laughing is one of my favorite best things...this weekend i did lots of quality laughing. the kind of laughing where your tummy hurts and tears are squeezed from your eyes...where you fall over yourself onto the ground and just laugh uncontrollably.

thanks to the mac invention called photobooth danielle and i decided to play photoshoot almost all weekend...her house, my house, early morning, afternoon, night...pretty much all random times...and though we discuss all the time how we are basically know you have officially crossed the line from friend to family when you can look like this and they still love you anyway.

probably people that read my blog wont enjoy this as much as i do just going back over and over to look at these pictures. but that's fine cause mostly this is my journal and i can just write about whatever i like. anyway if you have never hung out with danielle and i call us and plan a time cause we are a pretty much solid kind of the best. cause all we do is laugh and play and talk and i kind of just love us.

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