Monday, April 7, 2008

wipe vs white

what is this called?

did you say wipe board?
did you say white board?

i started my morning off with an e-mail from heather and a run through of what will happen on wednesday...the day our new pr girl, brittney, joins our office. on the schedule was a bullet point marking a time when brittney can make a list of office supplies she may need/want for her desk. such as pens, stickynotes, stapler...or a wipe board. it makes perfect sense, you write down your wipe them off when you're done...hence the wipe board.

me on the other hand, if i were to have made the bullet words would have read...white board. in my ever so cleaver mind i suppose i drew justification for that name via the word blackboard (meaning chalkboard) have blackboards and you have white boards.

i have been known to mess up words in the it wouldn't totally shock me if i had this one wrong too..solid examples have included:
"forced-arch"...i've danced since i was 14. i am 22. that equals eight years of dancing...up until a few months ago dancing on my toes was called the "four-starch" apparently in my mind that evolved from fourth position and i guess made sense...whatever.
"like a rock"...the good ole' chevrolet truck commerical...sister and i used to sit in the back seat of our car...fighting over where the dividing lines were between our seats and sing about "michael rock.." until my mom turned around one day and said..."girls quit fighting...and its like a rock...not michael rock." we laughed and continued to sing "michael rock.." cause when you have been singing a song that way for already 2 years...why change?

at any rate...julieanna also says "white" we had a discussion today about this at the remains undecided.

i suppose both names are legit right? i'm gonna research about this...i'll let you know when the jury is back with their decision.

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