Wednesday, April 16, 2008


sometimes things are annoying, sometimes things are a pain in my ass, sometimes things need reminders, sometimes things need to be vented, sometimes things are cute, sometimes things are mean, sometimes things are funny, sometimes things are nice, sometimes things are stressful, sometimes things are a lot of different things...

i learned about this type of writing today from a girl on trying it. therefore sharing it...if you find it good...try it may help with life.

dear sun, remember last weekend when you were pretty? could you come back so im not so freezing and grumpy? cordially, kendall.

dear work computer, could you not be so old and slow so i can get my work done better? annoyingly, kendall.
p.s- internet explorer mostly i mean you...and your illegal operations. thnx.

dear lips, i know its not as sunny this week as last week and its a little more cold and freezing but could you please not be so chapped all of time? painfully, kendall.

dear boys, im not sure if its you or your cell phones but if one or the other could start working better probably i wouldn't be so annoyed...fondly, kendall.

dear sister, you are hilarious and thanks for always letting me vent to you about life. you make shit more fun. xox, sissy.

dear cute new blue house, i love you and have been looking for you a long time. love, kendall.

dear phone, sometimes people make fun of us for being so obsessed with each other, don't let other's opinions change you. you are amazing and without you mostly i get bored. hugs, kendall.

dear to-do list, sometimes its ok not to grow longer after i check something off you... from, kendall

dear oregon dance team judges, i have been listening to your state tapes about our routine...i get that you like us off center and lots of you tell us to play follow the leader but sometimes running to new formations doesn't show off skills as well as triple turns and foutes...what did you think about those skills? confusingly yours, kendall.

dear laundry, i have work for 9 hours would be nice if you could be picked up and folded when i get home...i get tired of seeing you on the floor everyday, learn about responsibilities and quit being lazy. gross.- kendall.

probably i will write more letters in the future. that is all the stuff i have to write to right now.

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