Monday, April 21, 2008

um...remember about how it's april??...

dear sky, do you remember about that song "april shower's bring may flowers?"...i don't think the song ever said "april snow..." i'm pretty sure snow does not bring flowers...snow brings like santa and sleds and boots with the let's remember about what today is...april 21st...and about how i shouldn't be waking up to snow?

that was my backyard today.

yeah. thanks.

how about tomorrow we are pretty. not freezing. and act maybe something like it's spring? because remember about something else...may starts next week...and may is almost summer. because allie gets out of school for summer break in 2 weeks. i don't like spring getting skipped. i like spring.

your lucky i am a forgiving person who tends to give second chances...

if i see more snow tomorrow we will definitely be having more serious words.
from, kendall.

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