Tuesday, April 29, 2008


ok so it has been decided. i have set a goal. and now i am writing about it because writing about things somehow always makes stuff more official.

for several months now i have been telling myself i am going to start getting back in shape...now i know i know, for those that know me and see me all the time i'm sure they are thinking "excuse me skinny bitch but what are you even worrying about..." so no it is not to lose weight that i have decided to do this...it is actually the opposite that has got me motivated...mostly it is my skrawny chicken arms and my weak legs that is motivation for me to get back in shape. one time about a year ago i was hella ripped and i miss that. so this morning, on my way to work, it was decided. i will be getting back into shape.

and this is how it will be done.

i'm not setting my goals super high to begin with because that i'm certain is setting myself up for failure...i have a hard enough time juggling a full time work, friend, family, dance time...and now to add working out in the mix its just another thing...but i'm ready to add it in, and i'm ready to start making it a priority so that is what makes me feel like i am going to be successful.

i was just sitting in ashley's office and we decided this.

3 days a week...i will be at the gym. gym time will include 1/2 an hour of cardio, and a weight circuit (2 arm exercises, 1 ab exercise, 2 leg exercises) these can be added or adjusted dependent on the mood/day but never can i do less than this. also gym time can be substituted for a yoga/pilates class or another work out class such as cycling/step/kick boxing...dependent upon the level of cardio that goes down it is even possible to substitute a gym day with a dance class...

this new schedule will be examined in 3 weeks and at that time we will analyze our commitment and determine if it is satisfying to continue for another 3 weeks, or if we we are ready to bump it up to something more...

at any rate it is official. mission "get-in-shape" has begun!

not the most exciting post but whatev its a blog about my life...and about the shit i do...so probably it is important to include this new goal i guess.

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