Sunday, April 27, 2008

the backyard

our backyard is sometimes a little wild.

when i was little i always wanted to camp outside in a tent but my paranoid mom never would let me because there would always be random wild animals outside.

mountain lion. (only once...but that one time seeing a mountain lion in the backyard was enough to scare my mom...although it is kind of sketch so probably i should have been scared too.)

anyway. today we saw a new animal. one i have never seen in the backyard before.

tonight we saw this...

a parrot.

we fed him a banana in the bird feeder and he was hella chowing all night.

i'll keep you posted, cause he is still out there and my mom wants to adopt him.

1 comment:

a - tom said...

Are you kidding me right now!?? You've got Polly in your backyard ... are you in some kind of tropical bubble in Oregon ... because that makes NO SENSE to me ... but it's pretty much HELLA AWESOME.

I want one. : )

If you get any zebras or pandas let me know ... cuz they're my FAV!