Thursday, May 22, 2008

23 i am 23. kind of crazy cause that's grown up status. for reals.

i no longer go to school i do big girl working.

as of two days ago i paid my very first rent check out of my very own bank account for the first time.

and just for fun i'll write about the fact that i am very happy and excited for all of the wonderful things in my life that have popped up in the past year! i feel proud of myself that my life is slowly coming together. that i have set goals and worked hard to reach them :) the last year i have graduated from college, i have started a career, i signed a lease and am officially moving out of my house to stand on my very own two feet to live with my very best friend (sister!), i co-coach 23 of the most amazing girls with one of the very best people that i know of at lake oswego high school, i have danced in the rose garden--several times (thank you lumberjax :)...), and i'm certain that this next year...year 23 will continue to bring me amazing things :)

i am so very blessed for my family, and my friends, and my life wouldn't be anything without them. they.are.everything!

sharing some special things about this special day!
1. i woke up this morning from a text at 5:30 phone was buzzing read "happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you! happy birthday to sisterr! happy birthday to youu! hope your day is super fabulous! love you always! opa chow! xoxo d"
early...but i loved it! thank you danielle! hugs hugs

2. sister surprised me last friday with missy higgins...i know i already wrote about it all but here are pictures. love her. (sister...well i love missy too, but i love sister for her amazing planning...and for spending her precious money on her...too too generous.)

3. my phone rang at 7:30 am. i was blow drying my hair so i didn't hear it. and its a good thing too because had i answered it i wouldn't have been left the best voice mail of my life. it was the most best perfect way to start off my morning. it was a message from the allen family (minus greg...) it was happy birthday ...sung remixed because the ending was really high and fancy...with special messages from denise, danielle, and best of all...mike!! i love them.

4. grandma called me. she was so worried she wouldn't get a hold of me at work...apparently even though i tell her i can talk on the phone at work she doesn't 7:58 i got a phone call and she sang me happy birthday (tradition) her words were a tiny slurred i don't think she had her teeth in yet this morning. but i loved it loved it anyway :) she's fabulous. if you don't know lillian learn about her. she lives in the nursing home behind clackamas town center...get to know her.

5. i babysat last night. meggie made me this.

then her, joseph, jonathan and his friend sang to me (mostly cause meggie was yelling at them to do it...but jonathan and his friend had to run back down stairs right after singing to work on their x-box and couldn't stay long enough for the ten second timer record)

then meggie did the candles for me :) she blew them both out so i think that means the wish came true...and i will probably end up with two new my little ponies or season 6 of full house.

ps - i got two candles...not cause i was turning two but because i was turning twenty but she couldn't remember how many twenties so i didn't get the other number just the two. love her.

6. my work is fabulous. i got fancy flowers, a fancy delicious candle, and everyday when it is nice i talk about wanting to make margaritas up on the roof and laying in the sun...i try to convince sean we need lap tops to work up there...but we are starting off with the margarita machine first...yes yes that is right! i got a margarita maker, tequila, margarita mix, and my very own bag of ice! see see!?

because heathers birthday is saturday we get to have birthday celebrations together and i love that! the most of all loving! we had champagne with raspberries, cute fancy cupcakes, and celebrated happy hour at mint yesterday. so nice, so cute, and i feel spoiled. i love them :)

7. my family stayed up extra late last night to do birthday celebration with me after babysitting :) we opened cards and gifts and everything about family birthdays i love. last year we spent the whole day on a plane coming home from mexico on my birthday...don't get me wrong mexico is fabulous gorgeous and amazing, but having to be on a plane on your birthday is not the best favorite. anyway this year i got to open adorable kitchen things -- mostly stuff for baking baby cupcakes with (my favorite thing to bake ever!) and also a new fancy purse that i am in love with i have it by my leg right now and i just keep looking at it, also some other things...but the best part is tomorrow we are going on family trip to hawaii! in celebration of my parents 25th wedding anniversary that was in march. but we are leaving the day after my birthday which means that tomorrow and for the next 10 days i don't have to be at work i get to be playing in the sun! waaahooo!

8. my birthday present to myself! all my favorites doing a fancy dinner tonight at henrys and after dinner a limo. wahoo! that means i get to sing apple bottom jeans and lollipop at the top of my lungs wearing a dress and having a dance party. it is my favorite. and i can't wait. i will post about that (as i am certain it will need its very own post) when i get home from hawaii :)

thank you for everyone who has made me feel so loved! good thing i was born so i could do all this fancy stuff!!

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