Wednesday, June 4, 2008

playing limo!

i have been gone forever i think. but now i am back. and that means i can finally catch up on what has been keeping me soooo so busy!

first things first. as promised pictures from the birthday extravaganza and how us shepherd sissies play limo! (my favorite game ever!!)

after a slightly rocky start---due to not escaping the office till 515 (thank ms. ashley...but not that it was really that bad because the afternoon consisted of making margaritas on the floor with my awesome new and fabulous blender that works like professional basically it was like the pr room turned into cabo for the afternoon...) anyway we rush rush rushed to ashleys to change...we changed in six minutes (that included taking a couple fancy sips of fancy stuff) and made it to henrys by 6! amazing i know! we are like queens of speed when it comes to getting to parties!

here were my guests

loves loves loves them alll! bestest friends ever!

after delicious dinner favorite game began!

the limo driver was a bit of a retard.

example - phone call at 8:05 (pick up time was 8:00)
dail (oh man be impressed tara that i just remembered that name cause probably i asked what it was 900 times) - on he phone "hello, i am trying to find your house."
me - "my house? um...pick up is henrys downtown 12th and burnside?"
dail - " yeeeeah. ok i will be there as soon as i can."

he got there at 8:35

he was also kind of a crazy one point tara had her seat belt on...who decides its necessary to wear a seat belt in a limo??...yeah out of control.

but we sang lollipop real loud. and boots with the fur louder...and bleeding love and all the favorite favs! it was a very very happy birthday!

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