Tuesday, May 20, 2008

as promised.

here it is...the random thing...

so ashley, my co-worker, she was very nice to upload this picture, e-mail it to me yesterday...and remind me of the day i felt like ass hole.

the day was the one after that event called r/west turns 11. that fabulous night i decided to drink
- 2 grey goose & grapefruits
- a "rita" - the signature margarita
- a r-ong island - the signature drink
- a washington apple shot
- a duck fart shot
- shot of patron
- a vodka tonic

hmmm that's all i can remember...yeah but surprised i wasn't dead? ha...me too, i laugh now...i wasn't laughing on the day after. my whole body hurt, my fingers were too sore to type...i went to work for about 15 minutes...and then went home and slept the whole day.

this is me. this is basically how i would look if i got hit by a bus cause i'm pretty sure that's how i would feel. thanks ashley for the reminder.

p.s - that was on april 22. i haven't had alcohol in a month.

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