Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the backyard pt. 2

update on the zoo...

we learned about the parrot over the weekend...the woman at the bird shop said he was from australia and that he most likely escaped from someones house cause those kinds of birds don't just roam wild around here. she suggested that we catch him and put him in a cage, otherwise he probably won't be doing much more banana chomping in the tree he will most likely be the one getting chomped, by the hawks...so we bought a $20 used cage from this bird shop. also at the shop we met other birds...like this one

he was eating his way out of the cage. apparently parrots are really smart and are good at escaping so if you ever get a parrot double locks might not be a bad idea.

anyway we brought the cage home and as soon as we got home dad set up a booby trap to catch the bird...it looked retarded and according to my mom (who was totally right might i add) "that parrot would have to be a dumb ass to walk under that contraption your dad is out there rigging up in the yard"

i don't have a picture unfortunately...but imagine this - a white crate the size of a suitcase you would take with you to europe for a month...propped up on the two front ends with sticks, attached to one of the sticks? a rope...and underneath the crate, a huge pile of food...yeah he would have to be a dumb ass for sure..."here bird...here, come walk under this big white huge box that doesn't look sketchy at all...don't worry you won't get caught."

we haven't seen the bird in two days.

all i have to say is that if that bird doesn't come back sister and i are gonna be pissed because we were suppose to trade that bird to the cat breeder for this little baby...the one on the left...the calico one...

dad better start praying that that bird gets his shit back into that tree...and fast.

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