Thursday, May 8, 2008

the parrot trap

not to be confused with the parent trap.

nope wait, i'm lying. absolutely to be confused with the parent trap. because apparently the parrot trap can also trap parents.

remember about my dad's brilliant trap? (yes the parrot is still MIA) well the white crate is back in the house...and sitting upstairs in the hallway...allie moved home last weekend from college and has been working on cleaning out her room/closet...the crate is sitting in the hall full of shit-old black high heels, pink bathrobe, white washcloth with a ballerina on it, my black taffeta skirt from when i was in the detail hip hop show last march, coconut shell bra, and kind of a lot of other random stuff. at any rate, it is in the hall pushed up against the wall outside of allies room.

last night my dad came in to say goodnight to sister and i (mostly we do sleepovers when she is home, it is more fun that way plus we just like to...we have since we were little, when i used to take her pacifier and scrape the paint off of her headboard to write words-it was repainted three times) anyway he came to say goodnight and decided for some reason it was a good idea to walk down the hall in the pitch black. he tripped on the trap. he punched a hole in the wall. and now the wall looks like this.

and so i write to some stuff...

dear dad,
i think this is what the parrot would call karma.
xox, kendall

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