Sunday, May 18, 2008


i haven't written words on here in kind of too long. not because things haven't been happening, they have...just some of the things that have been happening are not really blog worthy. mostly cause they are just kind of serious and personal, and i have considered writing about them....but i haven't felt like it yet...maybe another day...other things that have been happening have been kind of dumb or annoying to write about--anyway i don't really have a purpose for this post...the parrot is still missing, i haven't seen any naked people in lloyd center, no mint altoids for the office...however that does remind me...i did celebrate my one year anniversary at r/west last week...which that is kind of wild to think i have already one year of being an adult under my belt still feels like i just graduated, like yesterday...weird. anyway i wrote a big post about it on the r/west pr girls' blog...which if you ever want to read about us we are kind of awesome... you should add our blog to your favorite morning fabulousness but i think i will post my one year anniversary blog on here in a minute.

anyway here are other things to update you on my life.
1. i turn 23 on thursday...that is crazy! some days i still feel like i am 19 or 20...but its ok cause i am having some of the best times ever! i love my laker dancers, i love my job, i love my sister, i love my friends....
2. for my birthday sister surprised me with missy higgins concert on friday night...i loved her, she was so cute! and so amazing...i highly recommend next time she is in your town....GO SEE HER!
3. i planned fabulous plans for thursday night....but my friends don't all know about it is staying a secret...i am sure i will have a huge amazing blog post for that night.
4. in 48 hours i get the keys to my new house
5. friday i leave for hawaii for 8 days

and those mostly are the five big things i can think of to update on...that or i just don't feel like thinking of more stuff...

but i'm back to normal blogging now so my thousands and thousands of millions of billions of blog readers don't have to worry anymore. :)

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