Monday, July 14, 2008

barbed wire cuts with a drip of blood.

last friday was nasty. it was ashley's last day...and i'm am not happy about this at all. i'm kind of angry actually. this morning i got to the office and hated that when i looked at her office she wasn't there and neither were any of her pictures. which basically means shes gone for reals. (although she left her miley cyrus poster on the wall...rude. i gave that to her special from tiger beat magazine. whatever.)

anyway last friday was a really fun day. even though it was her last...lets recap

we had office lunch at oba!

this is us girls driving to the restaurant. we are hella fancy. i basically love us...we are missing one girl. cause she was gone on honey moon adventures...which reminds me i need to post about heather's wedding cause it was basically one of the best times i have ever had! we are at lunch.

i am just posting the fancy side. mostly there were a lot of office people that went in fact lets recap one of the memorable moments...a moment that wasn't awkward at all...
julieanna - "(in a joking voice) well to celebrate ashley's last day lets go around and all say one nice thing about her! i will start...she has good hair!"
peter - "(missing the memo on it being a joke...and then taking it across the line...out the door...and across the fucking street.) i have one. ashley has great tits."


after lunch and back at the office ashley proceeded to take shots at her desk.

and the party continued at henrys later that night...

after henrys. yes i made them all go with me to hunt down the portland business journal...but it was for a very good reason! learn about it

the night was full of fun, laughs, and talk of barbed wire tattoos..
ashley - "kendall. dude. learn about how much i love you. probably we should have tattoos on our wedding fingers about something."
me - "um...ashley that might be weird."
ashley - "no bitch it's awesome. cause i'm not talking gross wedding bands. im talking pimped out barbed wire looking kinds...the kinds that stand for cuts. and a small drip of blood by it or something."
me - "oh well in the case..."

on a side note...jake challenged me to an air hockey game.

i was totally dominating...2-0 but then the dude got hella competitive. pissed that he was losing and starting smacking the shit out that puck. well my finger got smashed...and i ended up losing due to injury. but whatever we all know i am better at air hockey so it's fine.

i ended up having to leave before the party was over cause i had to choreography at lake o saturday morning (which by the way...our routine is going to be sick...the S.I.C.K. kind that chelsea uses to describe bleeding love on sytycd.)

so anyway i had to be a good...

but mostly i just love this girl and hate that she is no longer my co-worker. disgusting really.

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