Monday, July 14, 2008


don't even be grossed out about that word...and if you are, i don't even feel bad at all cause learn about how i had to write an entire article about colons...and it took five hours.

first i am not a doctor so this task wasn't even easy. i had to use fancy words like colonoscopy and malignant and polyps and sigmoidoscopy and barium and fecal and occult and other things. NASTY... but learn about how my entire article was published last friday in the portland business journal! that's right the entire thing!!

of course my name wasn't on was given to one of the doctors that works for our client...but i conducted the interview, i wrote the story and worked with the editor to get that shit published! (pun was intended...cause i have never talked about so much shit in one day than i did the day i was writing this)

check it out.

also check out the fact that friday, when it came out we left the office before it got here...and so when brittney, jake and i were taking ashley out for drinks to (not) celebrate her last day at the office...i totally made everyone search the city with me to find it. whole foods didn't carry it...but definitely found it at powells! also we were a tiny faded so it made the hunt just that much more fun. ha

anyway, i now know everything about colons and colon cancer...basically i could be a doctor. so if you need to learn about me.

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