Tuesday, July 1, 2008

i know i know...

i still owe grandma movies. its so hard to bring myself to come on computer for significant time when i spend so much of my time on it each day at work. usually when i come home i just like to work out...or pretend to work out (cause most days i am tired or lazy)...cook dinner...watch my best stuff like bachelorette (hella obsessed about it! final next week, learn about it.) and sytycd (learn about tabitha and napoleon and how amazing...)

but yes i will get videos on here soon!

mostly i need to talk about softball and how i played for team r/west finally! it was last thursday...so the blog is a bit over due...but better late than never!!

and not going to lie it was actually kind of fun and i would totally do it again :)...i mean let's be honest, it wouldn't be my number one choice of activity...i could probably think of five other things right now i would rather do. but it wasn't awful..and best part was that i actually did alright!!

i hit the ball every time i was up to bat! i only got on base once...one of my line drives was caught and then i got thrown out at first for a grounder to short stop...but i never struck out and got good hits every time! my fielding probably wasn't as good as it could have been...i believe nick was quoted saying...

"your batting is like you have played lots...but your fielding is like you have never played a sport in your life."

i didn't say thank you cause i wasn't quite sure what that meant...but whatever...

it was good r/west bonding! here are two pictures. both kind of dumb but better than none :)

also nick. our copy writer...he does weekly newsletters about the games. i have always wanted to post it on here...but because i have never played i didn't really ever make sense...but now that i have i can post it! cause i'm in it! so learn about this...they are pretty funny.

The Rag-Tag Bunch

Acting manager Nick knew his team was faced with a tough task Thursday night. After finishing an explanation of the league specific rules to his team, he had this to say. “The effort’s going to be there. But we’re missing about half our regulars, so cohesiveness will definitely be a concern. Hopefully we can gel quickly out there.”
And for one inning, R/West did just that. They held Yahoo to one run in the top of the first before jumping on them with 5 runs in the bottom half while batting through their entire order.
The middle of the lineup implemented what they called “wuss ball.” Nick and Heather, batting #3 and #4 respectively, hit the ball a combined 18 feet in the inning, but both reached safely. Power was found further down the lineup.
Geoff and Kendall – making her softball debut - both hit the ball hard each time they were up. “Well, I’m a natural athlete, so what’d you expect,” Kendall said. Their frozen ropes caught up to them, however. In the 3rd inning, Kendall ripped a liner to left that was caught and thrown back to first for a double-play. Geoff, who was doubled up commented, “I was focused on one thing…scoring. I would have been in easy if the leftfielder wouldn’t have made that nice play.”
Tyler was effectively wild on the mound, keeping the opposition off balance. Kevin, who was cleared to play thanks to a razorblade to the cast earlier in the week, started at 3B for R/West. And Amy played a nice first base, making a dandy scoop on a low throw. “I’m just glad Nick could actually get the ball to me this time,” she said. But not all of R/West was complimentary. “Nick??!?” Jessica groaned. “How many

balls got past him at short? I think he’s allergic to diving. Seriously, my new dog is more aggressive than that…and a lot quieter during the game too.
In the end, the R/West bats went silent. Actually, they were faced with the some affliction that normally haunts them, hitting too many hot shots right at people. After scoring 7 runs in the first 2 innings, they were held scoreless the rest of the way. They lost another game they could have won, 11-7. “Shoulda, coulda, woulda,” coach John Basso said over the phone. “If I was there, we would have won for sure.”
Other notes: Heather Stammer played well in the field. “That’s my girl,” Ma Stammer proudly yelled as Heather made a nifty warning track catch in the 4th inning.
“I knew I had to bring the A game; I couldn’t let my mom show me up,” Heather remarked. A big shout out goes to Ma Stammer for coming out of softball retirement to fill the final spot on the roster. But it wasn’t without controversy. Her “hot bat” and the 6,328 career hits that it’s produced over the years was deemed illegal by the umpire. “Hey, I’m just trying to keep things fair,” he said to the R/West bench.
Big ups also go out to Todd for coming out and playing. With Sean, John, John, and Bern all gone, every guy was put to use. It was a good effort by a team that was thrown together at the last minute. The only real consistency from earlier in the season was Elmer’s continued success in the leadoff spot.
R/West’s slide toward the cellar will continue next Wednesday night, July 2nd, at Delta #4…8:30, with the kickball season opener the following night.
Yep, you read that correctly.

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