Tuesday, June 24, 2008

something fancy that made me smile

sometimes grandmas are awesome.

mine just got out of the hospital yesterday. she is still in special care at her nursing home (she will stay there for a while more before they put her back in her own little studio apartment...where she will be on 2 hour watch...but for now she is in the care unit). this past week has made me think lots about time, and how most days i take it for granted. i try not to but then i just get busy. a lot of days i sit at work waiting for the clock to strike 530 when the reality is i spend 90% of my awake hours here (or at least it feels like it...) and that seems just silly to spend so much of my time wishing it away so i can go and do other things. anyway my grandma reminded me all about this because well for the first time i am really starting to see that she probably doesn't have much time left...she made a comment to me about how my mom shouldn't worry about her anymore because "god will take care of me.."

yeah she said that to me when i was visiting her at the hospital saturday night. kinda caught me off guard and then i started to tear up. i didn't so much love that...mostly i know that all moments i have with her are special...because i'm not sure how many of them left i will have. hopefully lots because the truth is, though she can sometimes drive me crazy (and i say this in the most loving way...mostly because growing up i have been around her LOTS - which is lucky, not many grandchildren can say that...but it's like your mom...you love them, but they can also get on your nerves...anyway sometimes grandma is like that) mostly i just love her always.

plus she does awesome stuff like:

- practices whipping....like the kind of whipping dominatrix people do...sister and i taught her this a couple years ago...and actually that reminds me that i should probably dig up some videos of my grandma and do a post about them...for viewing pleasure...i totally am...so be on the look out for that.

- last winter i trained her how to say "whats up bitch" and made her swear to me that the next time her phone rang (at the nursing home in her little apartment) that she had to answer it "whats up bitch"...well i called her back a half hour later but she forgot to answer it that way...so i reminded her and told her she HAS to do it...well she totally listened to me because my mom called me about two hours later and got mad at me for training grandma to answer the phone that way. she said she yelled at grandma not to answer the phone that way cause what if it was like a doctor calling. mostly i just laughed.

- she says biotch...like a "bee-odge"

- she will read anything out loud that you write in a card...her mothers day card this year was especially fantastic...i will post that video as well...but here is a link to my facebook that you probably should watch...sister and i wrote her fancy things and she is pretty good at reading them out loud. grandma reading her mothers day card=hilarious

- most recently she made me these jewelries...she has really bad arthritis so crafts are sometimes really hard for her...but she started taking a beading class and she really loves it...this was part of my birthday present.

(missing the bracelet in this pictures...but it too is fancy) this beading was the fancy thing that made me smile. because mostly my grandma is so cute and she loves to make me all sorts of things...she is hilarious and awesome and laid back...she will do anything, kiss anyone, and says whatever is on her mind even if it is inappropriate...one time she even told my (asian friend) elena...when we went over to her old house for dinner one time during college...that she hates working with "orientals because the only word they know is pay day"...elena just looked at me and laughed.

my grandma is awesome. i love her and my jewelry...and the best part about the the jewels is that they have magnetic clasps...that part she was most excited about because she said for old fingers those are the easiest kinds to manage.

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