Wednesday, July 23, 2008

something important

well i tried to get a new favorite song added to my playlist...but the place i use on my music down there on the left hand side...didn't have the i tried do this is important.

go pause my regular playlist and then play my "something everyone should hear" imeem song...amazing grace...i thought it would be the whole thing...but it isn't...its just a clip. it is one of my favorite pianists...jim brickman and one of my favorite christian singers, ginny owens...and together this is gorgeous. this song is simply amazing.

i am having a hard day. a really hard day. this song is getting me through. i love that about music. sometimes when i am too exhausted to find words to pray...i just listen to the song and let it do the talking for fact later...when i don't have to sit at my desk anymore i might just turn this song on and let it sing me to sleep...cause my eyes are sleepy. i am tired.

also 8 more days till sister comes home. and its getting to the point now were i just miss her. and because we are on the topic of her. wow, her being gone the past 5 weeks has really shown me that my life without her wouldn't be good. she helps me be who i am...i am not sure i could be me without her in my world...i don't think i know how...maybe for a little while...but i think i would forget who i was without her...

that is all...i am not making sense...mostly everyone just find this song, download it on itunes...create a playlist of it on imeem...i dont really care what you do as long as you are learning about it...because it's a good one.

and if anyone is handing out hugs today...find me...cause i could use about a thousand of them.

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Allie said...

sister i love you! cute blog that one part about me is so cute! love it love it and you! be home soon.