Tuesday, July 29, 2008


today is a good day. because i got a present.

so sometimes heather likes to buy me small presents. and her and julieanna were going to new seasons to buy lunch things and because i was doing stuff for portland clinic all morning i had to actually clock some hours behind the desk and play catch up...so she asked if we wanted a special treat...of course i said yes, cause i always want special treats.

so i say "bitch i live for special treats. learn about that."
she gave me a choice of edible kind or non edible kind...i told her non...and said that the special treat should be like the stretchy horses we got the day we bought seans b-day pie.

so guess what i got! you won't ever guess...but this shit is awesome and i am loving it!

that's right...RECORDERS!!! musical fancy hot pink special awesome recorder... also i got those sour patch kids...

heather loves me. and i love that recorder...and i'm going to learn to play that shit like its my job or something. live for it. it even comes with a cleaner stick.


BLively said...

I LOVE it!! We need to learn a duet...quick! Too bad other people in the office don't appreciate our beautiful melodies...thanks Heather!!!!

ktownDNCR said...

we have the best boss ever i think! and yes yes...jaws theme song anyone?