Friday, August 22, 2008

new look

it's learn about the world of fancy blogs...

see i have stuck with the same layout for a long time...the kind of layout that is the quick easy -pre made kind. i think i want to get into photography more and maybe even some graphic designing...i am being very inspired with a lot of blogs i have been researching at work...especially some of the mom bloggers.

it will probably take forever for me to get it underway and get it going...because god only knows getting home before nine...having time to eat dinner and depending on the night do a load of laundry, take the garbage out, put away the clean clothes, do the dishes (no disher it...that will be a luxury i will be happy to have again someday!), put the dishes away, clean the toiled, scrub the bathroom sink/mirror...yeah i hardly have any time...and mostly all i want to do is just lay and read a book when i am home and snuggle kitten...

so it may take a while to get this going...but im taking the first step...and changing the background of my blog...more changes to come...! stay tuned.

im off to bend to teach nwdc camp with durante...should be an adventure. cause with durante everythings an your excited for monday's blog.

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